Godzilla destroys San Francisco! And yes, San Francisco has been the setting of many a movie filled with destruction. But I wonder if we’ve topped New York yet on that front? I mean, The Avengers had enough destruction for three movies!

While this movie doesn’t fulfill my fantasy of a modern Godzilla filled with state-of-the-art effects save for Godzilla himself, which would still be a man in a suit, I’m just glad this one at least resembles the OG Godzilla, unlike that T-Rex impostor “Godzilla” we were subjected to in 1998.

Palo AltoPalo AltoLandmark Theaters

Gia Coppola–granddaughter to Francis, niece to Sofia–makes her feature film directorial debut with this teen drama based on James Franco’s book. And she cast James Franco as the creepy soccer coach/teacher who has an affair with a student. Typecasting!

There have been better movies about nihilistic and aimless teenagers, but at least Coppola shares her family’s eye for pretty compositions paired with moody music. Unfortunately, I cared more for a tree a couple of the teenagers cut down than I did for any of the actual teenagers in the movie.


Jon Favreau goes back to his indie movie roots, writing, directing, and starring in this little movie about a chef in a prestigious LA restaurant who decides to leave that all behind to start a food truck in Miami. Because he has INTEGRITY man! And it’s about the food!

What I really want to know is does Favreau get royalties every time Guy Fieri proclaims some deep-fried, cheese-stuffed, ranch-dipped appetizer “MONEY!”?

Million Dollar ArmMillion Dollar Arm  – Everywhere

It’s “Mad Men” at the movies week! First up we’ve got Jon Hamm in this “based on a true story” Disney movie about a baseball agent who goes to India in search of undiscovered pitching talent. They love cricket in India, so that shouldn’t be THAT difficult a task, right? And once those “bowlers” realize the rules of baseball aren’t BATSHIT INSANE, that agent probably has thousand of arms to choose from. Which explains why there are so many Indian pictures in the MLB!


God's PocketGod’s PocketClay

John “Roger Sterling” Slattery directed this drama that stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman (*sniffle*), John Turturro, and Christina “Joan Harris” Hendricks. Dead bodies; cover-ups; snooping reporters; an uncomfortable combination of comedy and drama. Yes, this is indeed an IFC production.


The DoubleOpera Plaza Cinemas

I guess movies about doppelgangers come in twos, appropriately. Back in March we had the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Enemy, and now we have Jesse Eisenberg in a black comedy based on a novella by Dostoyevsky. It looks kind of like Brazil if Brazil had been directed by Spike Jonze. And man, now that’s all I want to see.

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