Star Trek Into Darkness
The first one was great fun, and this one is not disappointing. Wunderkind — or Wundermiddleagedbro — J.J. Abrams brings back your cast of favorites to battle in time and space for fame and glory. Or, just not to get killed and have sex with aliens. Go see it on the big screen, you’re worth it.

Stories We TellEmbarcadero
Sarah Polley’s sort-of documentary about finding out who her mom really was. She pieces together the whole thing — well, most of the thing — via her family of storytellers. Honestly, it’ll probably be more appreciated by members of the Polley family, but if you like seeing family dynamics play out, it’s entertaining. Plus, you’ll recognize so many of the characters from your own weirdo family, it’ll be cathartic. Like therapy, only cheaper and with popcorn!

The IcemanEmbarcadero
Oh man, YES. A movie about murderer for hire Richard Kuklinski, who was finally arrested in 1986 after he killed over 100 people. The bitch of it is, his wife and kids had no clue! He was, like, a normal dude — if a normal dude was living a second life as a contract killer. It’s not one hundred percent riveting, but Michael Shannon is the perfect actor for this. Although, I already think craggy Michael Shannon might be a murderer, so maybe not so perfect. Whatever, I’m psyched.

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