Cloud AtlasEverywhere
Wachowski Starship’s latest, a remake of the epic multi-generational mindfuck of a novel. Like the book, the movie features characters whose souls inhabit different bodies throughout time. I know, that is not helping you understand things but just know it’s very complicated and deep, okay? The film appears to be visually spectacular, but I’ve got a huge issue with the fact that two white men are in yellowface in it. That’s fucked, and there’s no amount of “artistic merit” that can get me past straight racism. We are not at a point in time as a culture where that shit can fly, and I can’t believe there wasn’t one person on set who was like, “YO NOT COOL FOLKS.” So, I must say, as much as I love huge messy films, I gotta give a nuts up the butt to this whole shebang. (Rain thought the movie was “filled with missteps,” here’s her review.)

The Waiting Room – Everywhere
Intense documentary about what American public hospitals look like today, and shit is bleak. It’s pretty much a must-see because it’s shot with such an unflinching eye that you leave with a better comprehension of medicine in this country than if you were a doctor yourself! Yes, I made that claim, and I’m gonna stick with it, because I don’t know when to quit. So, bring your kids, bring your wife, and bring your passport too, because you’re gonna want to flee this great nation immediately upon exiting the theater.

The House I Live InKabuki, Stonestown
Depressing, heartbreaking, sad, sad, sad, and yet, still necessary documentary about the War on Drugs, and its impact on our country. Seriously, if your soul does not cry out in pain (it’s a thing that can happen, especially around Halloween), you need to be thrown in jail. Ugh, I take that back, nobody needs to go to jail, it’s too sad, and so many people are wasting away in there for stupid shit like selling pot, and our whole system is fucked. We should just make everything legal, and let’s settle this thing, martial law-style. I swear, it can’t get worse than how it is now, I say it’s worth trying. I am probably only saying this since I have a pit bull, some Japanese throwing stars, and 10,000 Kind Bars. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Chasing MavericksEverywhere
A movie about surfing (surprise!)! Based on the true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity, this flick is a little too all over the place, almost frenetic. Like, it jumps around so much, you’re gonna get seasick (see what I did there? I know you did. Call me later.) but if you really love surfing so much, check it out, and I only say that because there’s nothing I could say that would stop you. Go ahead and ride the white horse, my friends. Oh wait, that’s something else.

HalloweenBalboa, 10/30 & 10/31
Halloween, John Carpenter’s classic fright night fear fest featuring a young Jamie Lee Curtis and an escaped mental patient with a taste for sexy lady blood, is sure to scare and tantalize. But mainly scare. Like, scare a lot, I will not ever fucking watch this movie again, but if you’re into shitting your pants, watching it at The Balboa would be a blast. The showing includes the bonus short documentary, You Can’t Kill The Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween, focusing on the undeniable impact the film, and series, has had on culture and the genre. Sounds like an awesome night, if you want to be very, very scared and never sleep again I have to stop writing about this now.“>Fun Size – Everywhere
Nickelodean teen movie starring a girl, her boobs, and her boobs’ little brother. It’s not great but if you are a true lover of the genre, as I am, you will find some enjoyable things. Mainly, lots of pop music, pool parties, and BOOBS. It’s probably best to rent it, but then again, it is about the shenanigans that can take place on Halloween night, so if you’re a sucker for seasonal entertainment, I’ll see you at the multiplex for some good old-fashioned Halloween garbage candy!

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