Liquid-fertilizer.jpgFertilizers: What should I use, when do I use it, and how much should I apply?

These can be very troubling questions for even seasoned gardeners!What fertilizer you use can depend on what kind of plant you’re fertilizing or what its needs are in that particular stage of life. When you use fertilizers can depend on how the plant looks, what we as gardeners are trying to encourage our plants to do, or as part of a regular feeding program. How much to apply can also vary from time to time, season to season, plant to plant. Confused yet???

I was too when I first started gardening. I often burned plants by using too much fertilizer, thinking that if I gave them just a little bit more my plants might get bigger, stronger, faster.

It wasn’t until I changed my thought process regarding fertilizers that I really began to notice dramatic, and I mean dramatic changes in the health and size of all my plants. This switch came when I began to use fertilizers as a boost of nutrients and not their main source.

BIGBLOOM.jpgI also began to use the high quality, liquid organic fertilizers made by “Fox Farm.”*

Fox Farm makes three different fertilizer blends, one is for growth and two are for blooming. When my plants are young I use the growth formula and when they are beginning to flower I use the bloom formula.

By using two separate fertilizers at the appropriate times I guarantee I am giving my plants what they need when they need it. And its easy to tell when to switch, just watch the plants for flowers and switch to the flowering formula. I fertilize at half the recommended strength, once a month. That’s it.

I cannot recommend this brand of liquid organic fertilizers enough. This is my secret weapon, and now it’s yours.

A word of caution, however. Your garden is only as lush as your soil is rich. No amount of fertilizer will fix poor, sandy soil, so make sure to use liberal amounts of compost EVERY time you plant anything, and your garden will become an oasis in no time.

Well, maybe a little time, but that’s the beauty of gardening.

*Ed note: Neither John nor the Appeal has any relationship with Fox Farm, business or otherwise. Here’s our conflict policy.

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