Paging through the December Vogue I didn’t see one pair of super platform shoes in any of the editorial photoshoots and it made me so happy!

You know the ones I’m talking about, with the large platform under the ball of the foot, the ones that make a woman look like she has a horse hoof at the end of her leg (hence me calling them “hoof” shoes).

These shoes have been over for a long time but the fashion world keeps trying to shove them down our throats, just like how a couple of seasons ago they tried to bring Hammer pants back. Just because someone sends something down the runway doesn’t mean it’s not passé.

I hate the hoof for so many reasons, for all the promise they failed to fulfill (with that much room under the ball of the foot you’d think SOMEONE could have made a comfortable pair, but no), for how they make women look like trolls, and because they are so linked with the Kardashians, who treat others and themselves like trash.


For years now, every pair of trashy heels has had a super platform. I’m tired of watching girls try to walk in them. I’ve always been a fan of the thin soled heel, not only do they look more elegant but you can walk in them. I can’t, nor apparently can most others, walk in the super platform and I know I have good balance because I grew up practicing in pointe shoes.

When they first came out super platforms were interesting and I do own a pair, pictured right.

This pair is one of the best examples of the super platform done well. The differing patterns on the toe and the platform keep the shoe from looking like a hoof. Even the YSL Tribute Two was cool when it first came out but now it too has been done to death.

I’m sure super platforms will be interesting again some day but for now I’m glad to see them get a nice rest.

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