Tonight we have the return of Simon Cowell to Fox, some comedy, and plenty of law and crime (but what else is new?).

New Shows:


“The X-Factor,” 8 P.M.

What Is It?: “American Idol,” but with the potential for groups of singers, and without age limits for its contestants. Who will be America’s answer to Susan Boyle?

Why To Watch: Because you desperately missed Simon Cowell on the previous season of “American Idol.” Like, a LOT. And you’ve even come to miss Paula Abdul, too. And if you’re going to sit through painful singing auditions, you at least want some people there who tell it like it is, (or slur it like it is, as the case may be).

Why To Turn the Channel: Good grief, how many talent shows does America need?


“Revenge,” 10 P.M.

What Is It?: A soapy drama, (loosely based on “The Count of Monte Cristo”), about a young woman, (Emily VanCamp of “Everwood” and “Brothers & Sisters”), who returns to the wealthy Hamptons to seek revenge on the people who done her dad wrong.

Why To Watch: You miss primetime soaps like “Dallas” and “Dynasty” and want to see rich people taken down.

Why To Turn the Channel: You’re still not really sure what the show is supposed to be. Will it be soapy fun? Or a humorless drama? How much revenge can one character have over the course of a season before it becomes boring (boo!) or silly (yay!)?

Returning Shows:


The alphabet network is slowly rolling out its Wednesday night slate of comedy, with one hour premieres of “The Middle,” at 8 P.M., and “Modern Family,” at 9 P.M. tonight. The latter just won a boatload of Emmys this past Sunday, but will it be able to sustain its success for another year?


A seemingly dead character returns from the grave on tonight’s “Criminal Minds” premiere at 9 P.M. And am I the only one a little freaked out by “CSI”‘s move to a new night and time (10 P.M)? It’s the only “CSI” I’ve ever watched consistently, and it has undergone some big changes the past few years. I fear for its future! (Although I will admit I am a little excited about the addition of Ted Danson to the cast.)


“Harry’s Law,”, which premieres at 9 P.M., has also bounced nights, but being that I found the most interesting aspect of this show to be the shoe store the law office works out of, I doubt I’ll be on board for the move. It’s followed by “Law & Order: SVU,” at 10 P.M., which will try to carry on without the presence of Christopher Meloni in the cast.

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