PoltergeistCastro, Saturday
I recently re-watched Poltergeist, and I can’t believe it’s from 1982! It’s really good, despite the sorta cheesy parts (like the pretty ghost lady or the hungry tree), but it’s also really spooky in that you really think it ends when it doesn’t. Also, Jo Beth Williams is one hot mom! And, it’s an odd Spielberg movie in that it’s a happy family in love vs. divorced latch-key kids. Anyway, Jo Beth Williams is going to be there – in person! She (well, the character) is the reason why I embrace my slowly graying hair.

24 Hour Movie MarathonCellSpace
FUCK ELI ROTH! Seriously, he compared his movie Cabin Venereal Disease to The Thing. Come on. But, if you’re as actualized as I am, you might want to just chill out at the Castro instead of work your ass into a “sexy cat” costume which will later on give you the heebie fuckin’ jeebies after you realized you fucked a rich mama’s boy who recently moved into the Mission to post photos of his “friends.” Actually, no. He’d be so critical of you since you don’t know that some white guy playing the zolatron is a techno God, that he’d make fun of you but secretly wants to fuck you. So, you have a choice, girls, between A or B. Do whatever makes you respect yourself post-walk-of-shame. Oh, and Eli Roth is a boner kill in those recent Tarantino films. I mean please – get a Brazilian on your brows, bro. Decent movies though. And it’s free. Perfect for making out in the back.

Halloween Spooktacular – The Roxie
Innovative names dude. Cool old Noir Horror like The Creature With the Atom Brain & The Man from Planet X (Friday), Cronenberg’s The Brood & a UK film The Corruption (Saturday), and the hipster director before “hipster” was a retching term, Straight to Hell from Alex Cox starring Joe Strummer, The Pogues, zombie Courtney Love, Jim Jarmusch, etc. & Searchers 2.0 (Sunday), a story based in Monument Valley about two brothers and whatnot.

Planet TerrorRed Vic (Sunday)
Robert Rodriguez does oozy horror exploiting amputee prostitutes (I know some amputee prostitutes and they were pissed), short Mexican guys, and zombies.

The FreebieOpera Plaza
Katie Aselton, the hot cool wife in The League, one of the funniest shows on cable TV these days (think Party Down-ish) writes and directs this comedy with Dax Shepherd (shudder) about adult one-night stands! The Horror!

*can you guess my costume?

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