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Wednesday, September 22: The Local Natives aren’t either, but that doesn’t matter. They’re from southern California, but forgive them for that, the heavy rhythms and light harmonies make up for it. The band of five is coming to the Fillmore this Wednesday, get in for $29.00.

Thursday, September 23: Outkast’s Big Boi has been performing as a solo act, and he’s out to prove he can do it without his brother in rhyme, Andre 3000. He released a well received solo album earlier this year, full of up Big Boi’s coming to The Regency Ballroom this Thursday, see if he can hold his own for $33. Show starts at 8:00pm with The Knux and Camp-Lo opening.

Thursday, September 23: If you’re trying to get irie off some red, red wine go watch UB40 later this week. The British dub artists are making a round at the Fillmore later this week for $49.50, jammin’ starts at 8:00pm.

Thursday, September 23: The xx were recently awarded for releasing Britain’s best album of 2010. The low-key band is known for their moody, room filling songs, so expect a good performance If you can get tickets that is, the show is sold out, but check out Craigslist if you want to get some tickets. Show starts at 8:00pm.

Saturday, September 25: If Picasso were a musician, I imagine he’d sound something like Dave Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors. Back that with a couple of angelic harmonies and you’ve got the whole band. That’s right, just listen here. This outfit from Brooklyn has been around eight years and have a solid seven albums, one of which is a Black Flag cover disc. See them at the Fillmore for $35.25, harmonies start at 9:00pm.

Saturday, September 25: If you’re still trying to transition from summer to school mode, don’t go to this show. Vampire Weekend and Beach House are playing at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theatre on Saturday, you can go on vacation for $37.50. Show starts at 7:00pm, get your tickets soon.

Saturday, September 25: If you like beer, bicycles, and music (who doesn’t?) you’re going to want to go check out the annual Tour de Fat in Golden Gate Park. This celebration of everything good in life starts at 11:00am (ride registration starts at 10:00am) at Lindley Meadows. The event is free, but all donations benefit the SFBC and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. Live music will be provided by Mucca Pazza, Dovekins, The Daredevil Chicken Club, and the Raspyni Brothers.

Listen Here!:

Continuing on Kanye West‘s “G.O.O.D. Friday” project, he gives us a track featuring Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, and Raekwon, which can’t be bad. And it’s not, the song, which is called ‘Lord Lord Lord‘, is kick backed and cocky. It features a rare verse from Swizz, and is backed by a glittery beat with some soulful crooning in the background. A solid track.

I listened to this song four times in a row when I first downloaded it. It’s called “The Runaway” by a duo known as UNKLE. It features Lupe Fiasco putting down a futuristic flow over an industrial trip hop beat, and the end result is just beautiful. Enough about it, hear it now.

This song’s sexy, which makes sense, as it’s off a album called Sexuality. Kilometer by French disco king Sebastian Tellier has been remixed by A-Trak, giving it some precision cuts and breaks. Listen here, and feel like a sweaty Frenchmen at the discotheque.

Heard it Through the Grapevine:

Radiohead has announced that they’ve finished recording a bundle of songs, but they’re not sure on how they want to release them. The word was put out by Colin Greenwood, the bands bassist, in a letter he wrote about releasing music in 2010 from Radiohead’s perspective. The letter, which was written for the Index on Censorship organization, can be read here. It’s definitely interesting to hear an insider’s perspective, give it a read.

Lady Gaga has already won at being the world’s biggest pop star. And now, she’s moving on to a new genre, rock and roll. The meat dress wearing icon recently said that here new album, the boldly titled ‘Born This Way’, will be a great “cross over record” packed full of hits that she suspects will piss some people off. Gaga has also been speaking to U.S. senator’s in hopes of abolishing the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law, watch her patriotic video statement where she attempts to call up her senator’s.

Jack White is a sneaky man, you can tell from the little mustaches and wide brim hats. You can also tell from this sly new type of vinyl record that he invented. That’s right, Jack White invented a record, as if he couldn’t get any cooler. He dubs it the Triple Decker record, and it’s basically a 7″ hidden inside a 12″. Just watch the video, and see the magic for yourself.

As a true capitalist, there’s only one thing for Lil Wayne to do while in jail — release an album. Weezy is officially free on November 5th, but he’s cashing in on his beats, rhymes and jail time on Monday, September 27th when he drops “I Am Not A Human Being.” That’s the date according to Spin, but Amazon has the release date set for October 12th, who knows. Listen to the albums title track, which packs a punchy guitar chords, and a giddy verse from Weezy.

Sacha Baron Cohen hasn’t had much luck in serious roles, but he’s going to have to try if he wants to play Freddie Mercury (if you want to label that a serious role). According to, the Borat and Bruno star will be portraying Mercury in a 2011 film, which follows the formation of the band up until their 1985 Live Aid performance. No matter how you feel about that actor choice, you’ve got to admit, the two look alike.

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