As you might recall, the recently Chron announced that, in an effort “to provide a better reading experience for Sunday print subscribers and to differentiate it from our website,” certain items that appear in the print and e-edition Sunday Chronicle would not appear on their website until the following Tuesday.

Not that folks who buy their Sunday print Chron as a single copy would necessarily know that! because, as you can see from the video below*, this week the Chron modestly chose to hide their print only content from the casual browser:

Oh, Chronicle. Anyway, our print only stuff this week’s the 4 front page stories, and 5 columns: Native Son, Matier & Ross, Willie’s World, Scott Ostler, and Ray Ratto.

What are these 9 “news” stories the Chronicle didn’t consider imperatively newsy enough to make available to SFGate readers for a few days? Let’s see:

Critics blast real estate reform Some people who are selling their houses are pissed because year-old changes to the appraisal system seem to be causing their homes to be valued at less than what they feel they’re worth. Worth the $3? If it’s been a year, it can probably wait until Tuesday.

Town says abuse drove man to kill A Fort Bragg guy admits he killed another man (with a Civil War era gun!), says he did it because they guy had been molesting him since he was 11, then “badgering and pursuing” him for several years thereafter. And everyone in Fort Bragg seems to believe him, and doesn’t think he should do time. It’s odd that a story based in Fort Bragg, a town so far from San Francisco that the Chronicle includes a handy map in the story, should so dominate the front page. That said, it’s an interesting story, in a magazine sort of way. Worth the $3? Get a cup of coffee and read it on Tuesday.

Soaring costs laid to growing power of medical cartels Insurers, doctors, hospitals, and medical equipment makers are all complicit in the “medical money machine that costs $2.5 trillion a year and takes more than $1 of every $6 that Americans earn.” The way they seem to be saying that this is news is that no one’s talking about the “collusion” behind all this. Really? It seems like that’s ALL people are talking about, sometimes. I mean, wasn’t that on House, like, last week? Worth the $3? I’m still trying to find the news in this piece, seriously, and I don’t even follow health care news the way I probably should. So that’s a big “no.”

She turns to theater to tell her life story A profile of Rhodessa Jones, who does all this stuff. Worth the $3? I hate how every week they keep a profile of what’s usually a pretty interesting person offline, because then it never gets the online bounce it deserves. Ms. Jones’ story is very engaging person, but it’ll be just as engaging on Tuesday.

Native Son San Francisco Bay, a splendid stage for America’s Cup drama “San Francisco has a yachting tradition that goes back more than 140 years,” and it can get windy and rough out there. Worth the $3? Nope.

Matier & Ross Perata paid year-round by prison guards union Don Perata’s made $260K “consulting” for the prison guards union since he left office. Gavin’s endorsing Janet Reilly in her run for D2 Supe. And, finally, oh my gosh, a “San Rafael insurance company” sent out an email trading on the Tesla exec plane crash. YEAH I KNOW, I read about it on SFist and in Valleywag on THURSDAY. Worth the $3? Did I mention, THURSDAY? If you paid $3 for that, get your money back.

Willie’s World High drama swirls around Newsom, Feinstein, Tiger. (That headline’s like an eBay description, isn’t it, when you search for Gucci and you get some 13 year old Old Navy jeans with “Gucci, Fendi, Kate Spade” in the headline?) Gavin Newsom’s Finally taking Willie’s advice and is thinking about running for Lt. Gov. (Chris, next time you interview Gavin, please ask him what other things he’s done have actually been Willie’s idea.) OK, now there’s something utterly incomprehensible about Jerry Brown having a bit of Obama in him and being “straight out of Oakland.” Is he saying that Jerry Brown is black? It’s very confusing. Dianne Feinstein’s staffers are asking Willie for advice on how DiFi can fix the budget. Lobbyists are texting planning commissioners and Willie’s ethics are ruffled! Tiger Woods should have hopped off the podium and “hit a few balls” at the end of his press conference. Worth the $3? I am never getting the time it took to read and recap that column back. Don’t let my sacrifice for you go to waste.

Scott Ostler Cutting the NBA deficit OK, this is a good one. The NBA’s expected to be $400 mil in the hole next season, so Ostler has some goofy ideas on how to raise money. They’re all really funny. Worth the $3? OK, here’s the plan: buy the paper, memorize Ostler’s jokes, and tell them all to people today and tomorrow as though you invented them. Since no one else you know buys the goddamn paper, you will be hailed as a comedic fucking genius.

Ray Ratto Beane critic returns to A’s fold Grady Fuson, who worked for the A’s years ago, then quit and talked shit about his old boss, has been rehired by said shit talkee. Other than reading Moneyball, I’m no expert on baseball politics, but I found this article fascinating! Worth the $3? And so might you, on Tuesday.

*My favorite part of this video (besides my AWESOME throat clearing can you tell that this was the first time I had talked this morning?) is how my old Chronicle coffee cup (which leaks, so is now a pen cup — oh, the possible metaphors are endless) is visible in the distance.

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