114028170_3e43b92ecf.jpgHave something you’d like to get off your chest?  Operators are standing by.

It’s business as usual at the corner of Hyde
and Eddy. It’s amazing how many drug dealers are out in the middle of
the night on this corner.

Sometimes 5 or 6 sometimes 10. They are there
every morning too, from probably 2 to 5.

They all stand along the NW,
NE, and SW corners of the intersection. They are really aggressive too.
When you walk down the street, they will come right up to you. You have
to tell them you don’t want anything or they will keep bothering you.
On the other side of the street, they will keep calling out “hey hey
hey” to get your attention.

What makes its so crazy is that they operate without any problem 2 blocks away from the Tenderloin Police station. There was a stabbing at a market on this corner on Nov 30th.

I know I know boo hoo I live in the Tenderloin. People deal drugs here, so what?

Well, I thought things were changing. I thought Chief Gascon and DA Harris were gonna send a message and clean up this neighborhood. But
I don’t see it. I see people dealing drugs in the same areas. Up and
down Hyde, in front of the Tenderloin Post Office. Maybe the numbers
tell a different story.

I believe the terrible homeless problem that we
have in this city is connected to the drug trade. Da Mayor can speak of
care not cash and one-way bus tickets, but as long as drugs are so
accessible to homeless people and people who have hit rock bottom, we
are never going to solve our homeless problem.

Oh and another thing. Drug dealers hide behind vans and large
vehicles so when a police unit drives by, they don’t see the drug

I’d rather stay anonymous for right now. I hope you understand.

Photo: flickr user Dizzy Atmosphere

the author

Eve Batey is the editor and publisher of the San Francisco Appeal. She used to be the San Francisco Chronicle's Deputy Managing Editor for Online, and started at the Chronicle as their blogging and interactive editor. Before that, she was a co-founding writer and the lead editor of SFist. She's been in the city since 1997, presently living in the Outer Sunset with her husband, cat, and dog. You can reach Eve at eve@sfappeal.com.

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