One of our fave Chronicle columnists, Leah Garchik, had this tidbit in her column for today:

Evette Davis was chaperoning a French-American International School kindergarten field trip to the de Young Museum, after which the group waited for a bus with another class from another school, at 10th and Fulton. When the bus arrived, the driver tried to dissuade all from boarding, saying, “The bus is for passengers, not for students.” The chaperones, defying that, stood in the doorway until all the kids had boarded.

Well, that is interesting! After all, aren’t students passengers, if they’re riding the bus? (And presumably, everyone who is supposed to be paying a fare is.) Is this official Muni policy, or just a driver who didn’t want a bunch of kids on the bus?

I emailed MTA spokesperson Judson True asking about this a few hours ago and have yet to hear a response — which is understandable, he’s probably battening down the hatches in preparation for the upcoming MTA “Town Halls” in which they will present their proposed service cuts and fare increases to their adoring public. (More on that soon!)

That said, if and when True gets back to us (Judson, we’re also going to ask you about video from yesterday’s unsolved Muni mugging, so you know!), we shall update.

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  • Chris Roberts

    The French-American International School charges its students $20,000 a year in tuition.

    The French-American International School can afford to rent a van and not clog up and delay Muni vehicles for us poor huddled masses. Why it insists on filling buses to capacity for its school trips is beyond me.

  • salsaman

    The SFMTA web site does specifically mention “no school trips” on certain holidays ( which suggests that school trips are allowed at other times.

    The driver may not have done the best job of explaining whatever policy there may be. How does this work in other cities and countries?

  • raqcoon

    What Muni needs to realize is that these are paying customers who lessen the chances of perps coming on board to rip off iPads/JooJoos, stab people, rob patrons, pistol whip riders, and all the other dirty deeds that occur on Muni. However, if a sicko did attack a group of kids on Muni, you know SF society has reached an all time low, which would only make Arnie more of an asshole because people would vacation in Iowa rather than SF. I sure the phuck will get outta dodge when perps start firing up cutsey children.

  • bloomsm

    @Chris: last time I checked, Muni wasn’t restricted to people below a certain income level. We’re supposed to be taking cars off the road, not encouraging people to rent more obnoxious diesel buses to clog our streets. That’s the message the students are supposed to pick up: take Muni when you can.

    Conclusion: #munifail.