From the California website:

ABC Receives Award as “Law Enforcement Agency of the Year”
Neighborhood Market Association also Honors the ABC Director

The California ABC has been named “Law Enforcement Agency of the Year” by the Neighborhood Market Association, a coalition of over 2000 small businesses located in California, Nevada and Arizona. The Association also recognized ABC Director Steve Hardy as the “Law Enforcement Agent of the Year.”

The Neighborhood Market Association (NMA) presented the awards to Director Hardy on Friday, January 22, 2010 because of efforts by the ABC staff and Hardy’s individual efforts to assist small businesses in California. […]

The award was given at the NMA banquet at the Town and Country Hotel in Mission Valley (San Diego). A video that included an interview with Director Hardy was shown. This year’s banquet theme was “We Are the World: Serving the Communities We 9

Wait, what? They had a party? And didn’t invite us? Was it something we said?

Recently we alerted you to the concerns raised by the California ABC, now the proud winners of “Law Enforcement Agency Of The Year” by small businesses not just in California, but also in Arizona and Nevada.

DNA Lounge owner and SF small business owner Jamie Zawinski, whose venue has been a recent focal point for closure, writes that he will now “have to stop referring to them as prohibitionist homophobes and start referring to them as award-winning prohibitionist homophobes.”

Well, San Francisco bloggers, venue owners, party goers, music lovers, tech party junkies, artists and small business owners – do you agree with this award? Or do you remain concerned enough about ABC crackdowns on your favorite venues need to tweet, blog, bitch, and call the mayor?

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  • Xenu

    California: the first state where pot became more legal than alcohol.

  • salsaman

    From their web site:

    “NMA maintains good relations with Alcohol & Beverage Control, Department of Environmental Health, Department of Conservation, Department of Weights & Measures, State of California Beverage Control We spearheaded the fight againsttheridiculous $26.00 TAX increase on a carton of cigarettes and WON!! WE are the ONLY Statewide Association that fights legislation on behalf of the Independent retailers & the overall Industry”

    (emphasis and errors theirs) The award makes sense, given that ABC is an important law enforcement organization that they are in the business of sucking up to.

  • Eve Batey


  • Eve Batey


  • Terrance

    The California Music and Culture Association is being formed to represent the real licensee community of California. Join us on FaceBook and be in on the launch. And if you have not learned by now, not everything that you read is true and not everything that is said is factual. Get out there and find out for yourself. Support local music and you will see how great it is.