If San Franciscans are going to go out – that should read “San Franciscans are going to go out”- it’s not enough for them to just sit or stand anywhere in a bar/restaurant/caf

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  • hirsutealley

    I hope you were several tonics into it when this wee spat arose, because I think you’re going to need to tuck tail on this one.

    Your whole argument seems to be based on water conservation, however duration is a greater factor then frequency. I could probably take three showers, maybe even four, in the time certain members of my inner circle spend in a single session.

    Regardless of one’s haste in the steam, there is often a legitimate need of a two-fer as well. For example, after six hours of oozing rye in my sleep, I am generally ripe for a douse before commingling with humanity. A lot can happen in the ensuing 18 hours to make me sweaty, grimy or just plain funky enough to require a rinse repeat. Would you rather find yourself swathed in Mr. Bubble or the scent of my latest hijinks when pressed against me on the MUNI?

    I’m sorry, I’m just not from the school where it’s cool to go around smelling like you’ve been grinding stinks with a musk ox on a whisky binge.