There’s not much in the way of openings this weekend, most have been pushed back a week or two. Therefore, check out the San Francisco International Animation Festival if you’re looking for a good time.


The ad for this says there’s “intense disaster sequences & some language”. You mean disastrous sequences!

Playing at the Metreon and Van Ness.

Part of the San Francisco International Animal
, I screened this while eating La Taqueria. I was so totally
startled when I saw Alexander Skarsgaard was one of the featured
voices, I choked on my burrito while shouting “YES! YES! YES!” like
those old Herbal Essence shampoo commercials. My hands also flew up in
the air and pumped a few times.

The main character is voiced by the Ellen Degeneres-annoying
Vincent Gallo. Alexander is joined by his sexy father, Stellan and the
scratchy nasal of Juliette Lewis. At the opening night party, the
audience actually “ooohhed and aahhhed” when they heard about this one.

This film from Sweden is dark and ultra-realistic. If a dank future
and following around a Moby-look-a-like who uncovers some conspiracies
is your thing, you’ll jizz all over this like my burrito jizzed its
juice all over my foot. It also has animated titties! Whee! For those
young 23 year old boys who are already disillusioned with the dating scene and speak of Dark City as an ideal way of life.

Playing Sunday only at Embarcadero Cinema.

Masashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai

Another from San Francisco International Animal Festival, This is a
documentary-style anime film. I myself have never seen Ghost in
the Shell because anime freaks me out, but apparently it’s wildly
popular and I should see it. So fans should see this one because it’s
by the same director and it sounds pretty fucking amazing.

Playing Saturday only at Embarcadero Cinema.

The Maid

I really really really liked “Spanglish”. I’m a big
James L. Brooks fan. Not only is Paz Vega smokin’ hot as a maid, Adam
Sandler makes a saliv-icious sandwich, and Tea Leoni’s sex scene is so awkward, you’ll
swear off sex in your unhappy marriage for at least a couple more
months. That said, The Maid isn’t anything like Spanglish at all
except that it focuses on being a maid on the verge of a
nervous breakdown. And it’s not even in English.

Playing at  Embarcadero Cinema.

The Godfather: Part I & II
If you feel like sitting in uncomfortable chairs in real clothes and watching a young Al Pacino speak in human tones from a bad sound system instead of popping in your DVD, eating pizza in your jammies and cuddling on the couch (pillow, person, or pet), then come on down!

Playing at the Castro tonight.

District 9
If you missed it in the theatres, and can’t wait to Netflix it.

At the Red Vic.

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