As with any article where Critical Mass is mentioned, our piece on Deputy Chief John Murphy’s publically stated assumption that CM actually has leaders ended up with some commenters debating the merits of the civil action, instead. And the discussion was interesting enough that I thought, what the hell, let’s make this a separate article?!*

After directing readers to the above video that he took in April, 2007, Appeal contributor Matt Baume commented “If you believe that Critical Mass is not an impediment to mass transit, I would like you to watch this video in its entirety.”

Commenter lookeveryone responded:

nice video, but did you really post this on the comments to your video:

“Commenters,? please try harder. Going forward, comments with grammatical or spelling errors will be deleted, as will comments that are neither funny nor polite.”

grammatical or spelling errors? So this is all about CM offending your sense of order and adherence to authority. That flagrant violation of the _rules_ is viscerally difficult to watch for you. You’ve flipped my chart upside down. DAILY, CITY_WIDE traffic jams are not an issue because that is the norm. They are the dominant group and we are the minority group and we should behave accordingly, hmmm?

Yes, CM is challenging the established order and prIorities not just in transit policy, but also in the assumptions of the rights and uses of _public_ space and beyond. Big changes are usually messy. Think about it as cleaning out the cupboards and putting it all back in a more logical order.

What an interesting point! Readers, what do you think? Do you see a co-relation between good spelling and grammar and hatred of CM? Do you believe that CM truly challenges the established order and priorities not just in transit policy, but also in the assumptions of the rights and uses of public space and beyond? Does spelling poorly make you a badass anarchist? (If the last point is true, somebody get me one of those A in a circle t-shirts, stat.)

Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments! Before you ask, correct spelling and grammar are optional, and if you want to swear, please just do it — those little fake profanities with a dollar sign or whatever are an embarrassment to all.

*I mean, does anyone really feel like working today anyway? NOT ME.

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