Dear Babe,

Why do people like taxidermy? I think it’s disgusting to have the dead body of a once living animal in your house for decoration.

The Dead aren’t Decoration

Dear TDaD,

I agree, it is disgusting to have a dead thing hanging in your home. That’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to taxidermy. Many of the unavoidable parts of life are disgusting.

For instance, the primary conundrum of being a caring human is that we have to kill to survive. Life lives off other life and there is no way around it. Even plants are life, those who find it somehow morally better to eat plants are being kingdomist (as in kingdom, phylum…).

Having taxidermy in my house helps me never forget that I am a part of the basic cruelty of life.

People who believe themselves above this basic cruelty (by only eating plants or whatever) are not only lying to themselves, but, I believe, in danger of being more carelessly cruel people.


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