Capitalism: A Love Story — The Metreon

I think Michael Moore is the worst thing to happen to cinema since Film Studies. In bitter rebuke toward my opinions on everything, he’s coming to talk at the Commonwealth Club tonight. His new movie is about a bunch of people who look like him but make a lot more money. It will screen, then he’ll waddle up front and mouth off for a while. I’ll be outside slashing the tires on his limo. Just kidding, I’ll be at American Apparel. Website. Info.

The Informant — The Bridge, Century Centre 9, AMC Van Ness

As far as I can tell, The Informant is like The Wire but Matt Damon is the lesbian one. Am I pretty close? No? Not at all? At any rate…Steven Soderbergh…big business…mustaches…glasses. You know the drill. Website.

Bright Star — Metreon

“He. Was a dreamer. She. Was a realist…But every word he wrote inspired the rapture of first love.” He. Was a wanker. She. Was a slag. But every word he wrote made her take her knickers off. Jane Campion’s new movie about John Keats brings new meaning to the phrase “swoon to death.” (Actually I haven’t seen it. I was gonna go but then I realized there might be other people there.) Website.

Love Happens — Metreon, AMC Van Ness

The bumper sticker I remember said something slightly different. Website.

No Impact Man — Lumiere

It’s a good thing saving the environment is so ridiculous. Otherwise we might actually be able to do it.

If you haven’t heard, a dude and his family try to live with zero carbon footprint for a year. They almost get divorced but can’t figure out how to split their good karma 50/50 so they stick it out. Author Colin Beavan in person Mon, Sep 21 at the 7:10 show. Info.

This Is Spinal Tap — The Clay

Remember the part in Talladega Nights that goes:

“Hey one more thing.
When you have the stereo on at the same time as the TV, how do you control the volume on the TV?
Why do you want to listen to the TV with the stereo on?
Cause I like to party.”

Spinal Tap. Friday and Saturday: Midnight. Info.

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