4:38 PM: The SF MTA has announced that the first day of the Better Market Street Transportation Pilot Project has gone “smoothly,” which must be a pleasant change for the beleaguered transit org.

“Anecdotally” they report “less car traffic east of 8th Street made Market Street calmer for pedestrians and cyclists and allowed transit vehicles easier access to the center boarding islands.” Mush to the relief of all the matchstick-counting urban planning nerds, they hasten to add that the “SFMTA staff will gather data over the course of the pilot to verify the validity of these early observations.” We do love data!

9:56 AM: Two “traffic calming” measures went into effect this morning: Presidio Blvd is closed to cars between the Presidio Gate and Simmonds Loop, and, probably more significant for most of us, eastbound car traffic on Market Street between 10th and 6th Streets will be diverted.

Did these changes have any impact on your commute this morning? We haven’t heard anything from Presidio commuters (Matt?). Presidio commuter Matt Baume says “All’s well in the Presidio — they have cops at the barricades, and the bus just weaved around them. Nice not to have to worry about cross-traffic as much.” Anyone else have any feedback on the Presidio closure to cars?

On the Market commute, the main concern we’ve heard so far comes from eastbound cyclists and pedestrians, who report that since traffic is being encouraged or forced to make right turns off Market, they’ve had some near misses with drivers who have turned into them as they’ve been walking or riding forward.

How about you? Did you commute up Market (or to the Presidio) today? How did it go?

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  • Matt Baume

    All’s well in the Presidio — they have cops at the barricades, and the bus just weaved around them. Nice not to have to worry about cross-traffic as much.

  • Jackson West

    My morning commute three feet from my bed to my desk went well! That said, I’m looking forward to a ride to the Ferry Plaza on my bike after work, just because I can.

  • eltejano

    My bike commute takes me down Market. I forgot today was the day until I was almost at 8th.Today I went down there around 8:15ish.
    Some observations-

    -I thought it was mildly funny that bicyclists were swerving around the cops at 8th who were directing traffic (they were standing in the middle of the lanes and didn’t have anything hi-viz on like DPT workers usually do).
    -The muni buses seemed to be driving much faster as there wasn’t a lot of car traffic blocking them (one 6 driver was being a bit too aggressive, and cut off some riders who were hugging the curb because he didn’t want to drive behind them).

    -The traffic only seemed lighter for a few blocks after 8th
    -And hy the time I got to 3rd or 2nd it seemed like there were just as many cars traveling east bound as on my past bike commute day- a few more cabs than normal though

    but one of my coworkers came in about 15 mins after I did and said he was happy that traffic was so light- so maybe things got better later

  • Alex Zepeda

    I just took a *short* walk down Market.

    There were fewer cars than usual, which was nice. Indeed SFPD was standing in the middle of the lane in dark colored clothing. Let’s get them some reflective vests or something. Or maybe some village people outfits.

    Lots more bicycles, which was unpleasant. I saw two fixies with chrome bags running red lights and weaving in and out of pedestrians in the crosswalk, and had to dodge three bicycles on the sidewalk. Ugh.

    Mint plaza seemed to turn out fairly well, if the reduction in auto traffic and addition of furniture have a similar sized effect… I’ll be happy.