Tonight’s premieres are both on the CW and both are supposed to be spooky. Supposed to be.

The first is “The Vampire Diaries,” the network’s attempt to jump on the vampire bandwagon. (Or would it be a hearse in this case?) The series is an obvious ploy to get all the screaming Twilight fans to watch TV while they wait for the new movies to come out, but the funny thing is, this show is based on a series of books that came out way before those Twilight books did. Doesn’t mean they’re better, of course; just older.

I don’t know. I went through a vampire phase when I was a teenager (thanks to Anne Rice), but I don’t think even my teenage self would have been very excited by this.

Dear Diary, That new vampire show on the CW sucks. LOL! Get it? Get it diary?….Oh, diary. You really are the only one who gets me, aren’t you?

The season premiere of “Supernatural” follows, and year after year I tell myself I should start watching this show because it has so many things I love: Spookiness; a bitchin’ muscle car; and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But as long as the show remains on Thursday nights, a mighty crowded night of TV indeed, it looks like I’ll just have to slowly play catch-up on DVD. For those who do watch, let us know what we can look forward to this season.

“The Vampire Diaries” premieres at 8 P.M., and “Supernatural” at 9 P.M., both on the CW.

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  • Eve Batey

    OK, so on Supernatural, it turns out the one with the floppy hair from Gilmore Girls, about whom throughout the show it’s been suggested that he has some tie to the devil, was snookered by this demon he was banging into fulfilling the steps necessary to release “him” (presumably Satan, but knowing that show who the fuck knows it could end up being Regis Philbin) from hell. As we left our young heroes they were looking at a rapidly growing hole in the floor that this “him” was supposed to come outta, grasping one anothers’ shirts in a way that probably inspired a lot of perverse fanfic.

    That’s my recollection, at least. But it’s been a couple of months, so I probably missed something.

  • Rain Jokinen

    Man. I really do need to start watching it. I wish it was on Hulu.

  • Eve Batey

    It was on the CW site in a somewhat watchable format. It’s a fine thing to have on while you do other stuff.