Scott Wiener reads the Appeal.

Hi Scott!

The District 8 Supervisorial candidate happened upon our views of his video declaring his candidacy whilst standing next to an elevator in an office building. In attempt to demonstrate that he isn’t as totally weird as that video made him seem, Scott had I had lunch yesterday.

Scott decided we’d meet at the Crocker Galleria Food Court and I have to admit, I was really hoping we’d find someplace to get hot dogs so I could title this post, “Getting Wieners with Wiener.”

Alas, we had burritos.

I wasn’t really sure of what to expect sitting down in the food court of a mall no one goes to with someone running for an election that won’t take place for 14 months. And while I’d met Wiener at a million events before, he’d never been the most chatty of wonks.

Yesterday could’ve been the shortest burrito of my life.

Turns out, lunch was lovely.

Scott has brief moments of irreverence. It’s like a secret window into his hidden sassy gayness.I’ll leave it to the experts to break down Scott’s politics. I know my place in this internet world, and it’s getting the scoop on the cheesy personal details. Here we go:

Scott grew up in New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia. He does not have a Jersey accent, sadly.

Scott attended Duke University and Harvard Law School. He’s a huge fan of Duke Basketball and attended with Christain Laettner, star of the 1992 Olympic Dream Team and my personal subconscious dreams.

Scott is a joiner, which is how he got involved in San Francisco politics. He just showed up one day in 1997 and started volunteering. He said that a couple of times, “I’m a joiner.” It was cute, at least to me, who is not a joiner. I’m an avoider.

Scott attended law school with Supervisors David Campos and David Chiu.

Scott is so tall, he makes me feel incredibly short. I love it!

Scott’s been endorsed by Mayor Gavin Newsom. This happened over breakfast and was sealed with a handshake, not a hug.

Scott was co-chair of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Club. One year he co-chaired with current opponent Laura Spanjian. The next year he co-chaired with opponent Rebecca Prozan. I tried to use this info to stir some shit with little success.

Scott has brief moments of irreverence. It’s like a secret window into his hidden sassy gayness. Personally, I think he should drop these kinds of personality gems more often. He’s running for Harvey’s seat, after all.

Scott hugged me hello and goodbye, asked me about my life and my day job, my friends and my love life. He almost made me feel guilty for mocking his elevator announcement, the guy was so nice and normal.

But then I re-watched said video, this candidate for city office standing in a poorly-lit hallway asking us to vote for him and my guilt was gone. The next time Scott turns the camera on himself, I hope he cracks open the window to reveal a glimpse of the sassy gay. Because to my shock and delight, it definitely made an appearance in the Crocker Galleria food court burrito joint yesterday.

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