President Obama has already been stoking the fire of presidential sexiness but when I saw the picture featured on the cover of the SF Chronicle yesterday, the one of Bill Clinton beaming down at the journalists he had just saved while welcoming them onto his jet, I honestly swooned.

That picture could easily be the cover of a romance novel, especially with a hotter caption. Behold:

BillSavestheDay.jpgHandsome ex-leader of The Free World saves hot, young, freedom fighting journalists from the clutches of an evil, communist dictatorship.

I can hear the bodices ripping already!

I bought my first paper based news publication in over 10 years just to spend more time gaping at this picture. I imagine that the interior of Clinton’s plane is filled with bear skin rugs and chocolate covered strawberries. The lights would be low, but the sexual tension high, as Clinton plays his sax for the ladies’ pleasure.

This would be the romance/adventure story for the book with this cover picture:

G. W. Bush, is sent to N. Korea to free the lady journalists but he messes things up so badly that he brings the entire world to the brink of destruction. In a last desperate, seemingly suicidal effort, Clinton swaggers off to N. Korea where he saves the world and rescues the journalists, flying them home on his personal jet. Of course, Kim Jong-iI would have stowed away on the plane by impersonating a stewardess, so that he could put into play his final plan of destruction. But Bill would subdue KJ-i and then land the plane himself, probably on the beach of a luxury hotel in Hawaii during a swimsuit modeling contest.

Picture it:
The plane door opens, Clinton emerges, his face dramatically smeared with soot, and with a booming, authoritative voice, he yells an order of three martini’s to the beach bartender.

Wow. This is the first time my government has had this effect on me. I think I need to go wash.


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