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Whew! That was some weekend, wasn’t it? Let’s just take a peek at Appeal reporter MiHi Ahn’s updates from Sunday for an overview of her last day there:

Day 3 Outside Lands. Parkas and long pants out in force. A few optimists still in sun dresses.

Longest line at Outside Lands is at the Toyota booth giving free tote bags. I am in it! Girl behind me refuses 2 leave 2 c Atmosphere w/ pals.

This better be one magical tote bag. I see a long line I get in it. I am a sheep. Baa.

Atmosphere just said this is where all the ugly CA people are at before launching into God Loves Ugly. Called us ugly NoCal mofos. W/affection.

Everyone on their feet for Atmosphere. Someone smoking exceptioally skunky weed or farting? Dude next to me braiding his gf’s hair. Aww.

Wood fired flat bread pizza booth also has long lines every day. I have a date with crispy mac and cheese today…

R.Randolph Family singing Man in the Mirror as tribute to Michael Jackson.

2 SFPD have dreadie white guy on the ground. The popo are here people.

Eating ahi poke and ceviche. Listening 2 R. Randolph n Family Band.

Someone walked by with fried chicken from Farmer Brown booth…I’d better check that out…

Outside Lands is like the food court from my most hardcore gustatory fantasies. I have gained 15 lbs in 3 days. It hurts so good tho.

Half naked girl made bf give her his jacket. Don’t breed w/her dude. Her kind need to die out. Its been cold ALL day lady.

Should I put on another layer or waddle over to booth 4 beignets? No liquids today. Don’t want my butt to touch poo mt again.

If Jack White and Jack Black had a baby would it be gray? Going to see The Dead Weather next.

The Dead Weather are loud. Their music makes me want to kill myself. Why so sad Jack White, you married a model. You’re living the dream.

Jack White isn’t living MLK’s dream. The other one where you’re a rock star and marry models andn people still think you’re deep.

Guy behind me said “how many black haired people can you get in a band?” Dead Weather has all of them I think. Inky black. It’s a look.

Abandoned Modest Mouse for Lucinda Williams at Sutro Stage. Easy to get good view here. People too lazy to walk all the way over here?

Heard little boy say look dad there’s the black guy w/fluffy hair. OL 80 percent white, 15 Asian, 5 percent THE black guy w/fluffy hair.

Why so sad Jack White, you married a model. You’re living the dream.Spied a cluster of porta potties far far away from Sutro Stage. Bet those are cleaner than the average PP

Heartless Bastards finishing set. Me finishing crispy mac n cheese. Looks better than tastes. Sliders good tho.

Eating hot beignets from Eos booth. I got the last order. I want to stuff these balls of hot dough in my pants. Freezing. Here comes Ween.

Most disturbo outfit: flannel shirt, boots, black pantyhose. No undies. I see bush.

Ween attracting big crowd. Almost trampled by dancing boys all wearing black hoodies. Being forced to stand.

Me walking away from Ween. Others running toward Ween. Serious Ween love here.

Ween sounds better far away. That’s not a dig. Too much reverb in front of the sound boards.

Brett Dennen at Presidio stage. People in black at Ween. People in hand knit hats n vegan shoes at B. Dennen.

Dennen bantering about how excited he is to be at Outsidelands. Very endearing. Singing: I will be the one who loves you the most.

Now Dennen is speechifying about love and acceptance. Less talking more singing please.

M.I.A. at main stage dressed like messed up Snow White.

Wish I was M.I.A.s backup dancer so I too could dance wildly on stage and stay warm.

There’s a guy break dancing at Band of Horses at Sutro Stage. Not at all break dancing music.

Dude running into crowd at BofHorses just snagged by two cops who are taking him away.

Band of Horses sounding awesome. Is it just 1 guy? I can only see 1 guy from here.

Band of Horses sounding awesome. Glad to have met ya.

Only Tenacious D left. Freaking freezing. Jack Black bugs. Except for Pearl Jam lame headliners at OL.

Shopping for hemp clothing and coconut jewelry. Seems like a good idea only when swept up in festival fever.

Tenacious D fans waiting. Everyone else heading for exits.

They may be talented but Tenacious D still seems like a joke band. It’s Jack Black’s face. Can’t take seriously.

Food tents closing. Which is fine. I’m so full I want to die.

Jack Black says he just turned 40 but is as fit as a 10 yr old.

Tenacious D bantering is weak. I’m outtie.

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