Are we over Bonds yet?

Apparently not. The Chronicle reports that federal prosecutors have made their final written plea in a case that would tie bonds to steroid use. But unless trainer Greg Anderson testifies against bond the evidence will remain largely hearsay–and that guy is tougher to break than Morpheus. He has already spent a year in jail and signaled to his lawyer that he will not talk about Bond’s involvement. Unless the written case calls for a pair of concrete galoshes, it seems like a dead end.

But the trial will continue unabated leaving me to wonder why we’re not over the whole BALCO/Bonds thing yet.

Conte and Anderson spent time in prison. Williams and Fainaru-Wada got their journalist prizes. Bonds, though never receiving any official sentence, has had his legacy tarnished. And that’s in keeping with the status quo for athlete malefactors.

So why has Bonds become the prosecution’s Martha Stewart in the world of steroid litigation?

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