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Sergeant Will Escobar, members of his Housing Team in partnership with the Visitacion Valley Beacon Center and the Pacific Leadership Institute sponsored a Ropes Course for Visitacion Valley Youth. Police participation in youth activities is essential to mentorship and creates long lasting friendships. A great time was had by all. Excellent work!

We so far have received over 860 surveys! We want to hear your opinions about policing in the Ingleside District. Please visit to respond to an on-line survey or to download a copy in English, Spanish, or Chinese. You can also pick up a paper copy of the survey at the Ingleside Police Station or City Hall Room 316. The survey is available through July 13th, we are extending the date. This survey is among the many initiatives that the Ingleside District is implementing in accordance with best practices in policing. As you may know, Ingleside was selected by the Department and Police Commission to implement a new model of policing as recommended by nationally recognized police consultants. These community based recommendations are excellent and get to the core of community policing and community based problem solving. I look forward to your participation in this survey and future efforts to implement innovative ideas in community policing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 7:35 am 700 block Geneva Ave. Trespassing

Officer Morgante and Officer McNichol responded to a report of trespassing and met with the resident. The victim said that he had left his front door unlocked when an unknown male walked in from the street. The victim confronted the suspect and yelled at him to leave. Officer Morgante and Officer McNichol, with the assistance of Officer McCarthy, located the suspect and went to contact him. The suspect attempted to run from the officers, but was caught a short distance later. The suspect was cited for trespassing and released, case number 090689658.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 11:46 am 100 block Harkness St. Unlicensed Driver

Officer Frisk was on patrol and saw a person talking on a cell phone while operating a moving vehicle. Officer Frisk effected a traffic enforcement stop and discovered that the driver was unlicensed. The driver was cited and released, and the vehicle was towed, case number 090690235.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 1:06 pm 400 block Wilde Ave. Disturbing the Peace

Officer Araujo and Officer Giannini responded to a call of threats. The victim told the officers that a neighbor’s guest had yelled and threatened her over an issue regarding the victim’s parked car. The suspect was questioned and eventually cited and released for disturbing the peace, case number 090690138.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 9:16 pm Mission St. / Allison St. Unlicensed Driver

Officer Kabanuck was on patrol in the darkness of night and noticed a moving vehicle with its headlamps off. Officer Kabanuck effected a traffic enforcement stop and discovered that the driver was unlicensed. Officer Kabanuck issued the driver a citation, and the vehicle was towed, case number 090692429.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 1:22 am unit block Congo St. Battery

Officer Williams responded to a call of a battery and met with the victim. The victim was drinking with the suspect when they got into an argument, and the suspect threw beer bottles at the victim. The suspect was cited for battery, case number 090692946.

Other Incidents from Tuesday, July 7, 2009:

9:00 am 800 block Russia St. Theft from Building

PSA Zabarte prepared a report regarding a victim who discovered some jewelry and a camera missing from her residence, case number 091689818.

10:22 am unit block Phelan Ave Petty Theft

SFCCPD Officer Alfonso responded to City College regarding a student who had his property stolen out of his unlocked locker, case number 090690053.

10:33 am Mission St. / Geneva Ave. Battery

Officer Giannini and Officer Araujo responded to a report of an assault on a Muni bus and met with the victim, the driver of the Muni coach. The victim stated that he had confronted a patron who attempted to ride the Muni bus without paying the fare. The suspect threw her sunglasses at the driver and then fled off of the bus, case number 090689987.

11:11 am 400 block Wilde St. Disturbing the Peace

Officer Frisk responded to a call of an ongoing dispute between neighbors, case number 090690138.

12:00 pm Peralta St. / Tompkins St. Theft from Vehicle

Officer Lee responded to a report of a victim who returned to his parked car and found the windshield broken and numerous items taken out of the vehicle, case number 090690310.

2:30 pm 800 block Ellsworth St. Suspicious Occurrence

Officer Trujillo and Officer Macaulay responded to a report of a burglary. The reportee stated that someone had broken into the premise and had stolen her medicine, although there was no evidence of any forced entry. The reportee’s mother told the officers that she had allowed her adult daughter to stay with her and that the daughter has frequently misplaced her medication in the past, case number 090690843.

4:30 pm unit block Phelan Ave. Found Property

SFCCPD Officer Hadi responded to City College regarding a call of found property. A employee had found personal property that had been reported stolen, case number 090690053.

5:00 pm 200 block Ridge Lane Theft from Vehicle

PSA Knuckles prepared a report regarding a victim who found her parked car’s window shattered and her I-pod missing, case number 090691512.

6:45 pm 1100 block Munich St. Fraud

PSA Knuckles prepared a report regarding a victim who had numerous unauthorized charges on his credit card, case number 090691960.

7:36 pm 1600 block Valencia St. Fraud

Officer Stansbury and Officer Brown responded to a call of a theft from a commercial establishment. The owner told the officers that a female customer, upset that her vehicle did not pass the smog test, left without paying for the service provided, case number 090692203.

9:06 pm 400 block Arlington St. Residential Burglary

Officer Brown and Officer Stansbury responded to a call of a residential burglary. The victim stated that she found her rear glass door cracked but otherwise intact, and believed someone had unsuccessfully attempted to gain unlawful entry, case number 090692388.

11:21 pm 100 block Garrison Ave. Attempted Homicide

Officer Sullivan, Officer Johnson, and Officer Castillo were on patrol in the area of the Sunnydale housing units when they heard numerous gunshots ring out. The officers investigated and found a victim of several gunshot wounds. The victim stated that he had stepped out of his house when he was approached by two unknown males. One suspect pointed a handgun at him and began shooting. The victim fled back into his house and the suspects disappeared, case number 090692758.

Vehicle Incidents:

11:33 am unit block Garrison Ave Stolen Vehicle
11:40 am Alemany Blvd. / Ellsworth St. Vehicle Collision
12:28 pm 100 block Ripley St. Recovered Vehicle
12:30 pm 100 block Ripley St. Recovered Plate
3:00 pm 100 block Pioche St. Recovered Vehicle
5:30 pm 400 block Pope St. Stolen Vehicle

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