Tetro – Embarcadero Center Cinema

“Tetro is writer/director Francis Ford Coppola’s first original screenplay since 1974’s The Conversation. It is his most personal film yet, arising from memories and emotions from his early life, though totally fictional. When Bennie (Alden Ehrenreich) finds his long-estranged brother Tetro (Vincent Gallo) living in Buenos Aires, he discovers that his sibling, once a brilliant writer, is now tormented and self-destructive.”

Mostly in black and white, I find it hard to believe there’s anything very innovative here. Coppola’s short piece in New York Stories is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and his resume since that Vietnam thing is a crap shoot. Tetro has him going indie – Vincent Gallo, personal story, Buenos Aires setting – and it’s gotten pretty positive reviews. Maybe he’s due for a second wind. I’ll see it right after I do a bunch of other stuff. Info.

Pulp Fiction – Midnight Showing at The Clay

Just when they’re about to have sex she has to go to the hospital cause she accidentally snorted heroin. Happens to me all the time. Info.

Sleep Dealer – Lumiere

What the fuck is this? Nobody told me about this. Internet, where were you? Oh you were out playing fantasy baseball? With your friends? That’s bullshit and we both know it. I come home early to make you turkey meat loaf and this is what I get? Out all night with your hooker friends. I don’t even want to hear it. I ask you to do one thing. Shut your mouth. You smell like skanks. I’ve had it. Keeping secrets from me. I’ll fucking leave you. I will. You’ll come home and I’ll be gone. All pissed off, wearing dirty laundry. Fucking Harvey Keitel. And I’ll be like sorry, Alice doesn’t live here anymore! Make your own god damn instant mashed potatoes!

Under-the-radar Sleep Dealer came out of nowhere. Nowhere, Mexico. Lovely place actually. It’s a science fiction movie apparently, about some crazy tech company on the border that merges people with machines. It’s like The Matrix meets Sin Nombre, but with a whole Twitter in Iran thing. Maybe. This is the first I’m hearing about it. Info.

Frameline Film Festival – The Roxie, The Castro, some other places

San Francisco needs more film festivals like gay guys need more girlfriends. Frameline is “the legendary showcase for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender cinema.” I’ve been seeing the Fist Up posters for the past couple weeks. They’re directly opposite the accordion guy in Civic Center station so I always see them as I try to avoid eye contact. There’s something off about that accordion guy. Pupils all dilated. Top hat. I don’t trust him. Hmm…how do I swing this back? You know who probably won’t be at the Frameline film festival? Accordion guy. You know who probably will? You, you sassy little minx. Opens tonight with An Englishman In New York at The Castro.

Moon – Century Centre 9

More like swoon! Saw this back at the International Film Festival and I’ve been glowing ever since. That plus I’m pregnant. People will tell you this movie’s about Sam Rockwell on a retro space station, battling his demons, trying to get home to his family, arguing with a robot. That’s bullshit like everything else. It’s really about ping pong. Sam Rockwell plays ping pong…WITH HIMSELF! And I’m not talking about that fold the table in half crap. Thousands of years of civilized man and we conquered two player ping pong. Got that pretty much down pat actually. Bravo. But this is 2009. Why shouldn’t I be able to play ping pong by myself? Alone. On lonely nights. Eating leftover turkey meat loaf. Watch this 2 hour instructional video and start the revolution. My interview with director Duncan Jones will go up as soon as I stop drinking at work. Website.

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