Ask Brock or Paolo or Andy* or any of the other folks who run a website all day long: by about this time in the work day, you end up with a bunch of links where you can’t abide to do another post (and, honestly, they probably don’t justify one), but you can’t bear to give them up, either. Here are the Appeal’s links like that from Monday, June 1.


  • From the image above, all I want to say is that it’s a terrible headline. No, I get it. “Luck be a Lady Tonight.” Yeah, my high school did Guys and Dolls my freshman year, too. It still seems like a sentence spoken by someone early in their ESL education.
  • Hey! The guy who owns the Examiner helped Michael Jackson. Kind of.
  • From local biz Dogster’s Good Dog Blog: Have you heard of this Anxiety Wrap thing? From a site that sells them: “The Anxiety Wrap creates light pressure on the skin to help calm an animal and reduce anxiety and stress.” I’ll tell you, if there’s one thing that’s not going to calm me down, it’s some girdle type getup. I almost had a mental breakdown in the corset-type David’s Bridal top I had to wear at my sister’s wedding. But there might have been other reasons for that.
  • Oh, I miss crabby ol’ Tommy Craggs (a fave Craggs moment here)! But here he is, hating on AT&T park! Thank god he didn’t know about the grapes thing.
  • “Q: I’d like to limit our son’s time on our computers. He is able to bypass the parental control software on our desktop PC, and he can get into our laptops even though they require passwords.” Folks, you should not be writing into the Chronicle’s computer column about this. Is there an advice column for kids destined for juvie? If so, write to that one. Secure passwords are the least of the problems with your little bundle of joy.
  • Oh, man, I hope the Chronicle’s Science Ed and noted dinosaur guy David Perlman picks up this AP story on the Gate right now about dinosaurs in Wyoming and Scotland. Of course I freaked when I saw this, because Nessie is from Scotland and I’ve always thought she was actually a dinosaur. I went to Wyoming almost every summer when I was a kid, what if the US Nessie was swimming in the Green River while I cruised the Rock Springs strip with my cousins?
  • No local hook, just: Pringles are potato chips. I think this is funny.
  • Yeah, there is something kind of goofy about having an article about awards you won in your own paper. That said, if the Appeal ever wins anything, we will freakin’ skywrite it so shut up, me. But, jesus christ, look at those comments. I know, Gate commenters are assholes, water: wet, etc. (And, believe me, I tried to do what I could to manage that when I was there, but that’s another story for another day). But, wow. Gate commenters are assholes.

*Hey, did you see that the Appeal’s Matt Baume is helping out with Curbed for a bit? He’s doing a lovely job, don’t you think?

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