Saturday night, I attended the SFIFF Centerpiece Film party at the Clift hotel and took with me Ben the videographer who made me ask questions about “the film.” Oh, you mean these parties aren’t the point of a throwing film festival? I had no idea. While I certainly did see 500 Days of Summer stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, we were informed that they weren’t up for interviews, which is too bad because I was hoping to get JGL to do the Angels in the Outfield arm flap for us.

I can report that the upstairs lounge of the Clift is very much Will & Grace episode-esque and that old lady with the blue drink told me my horoscope. If I were writing for a suburban free newspaper, I would give this shindig 3 out of 5 cosmos. But stay tuned. I’m going to try and worm my way into the closing night party, so here’s hoping I can bring you guys a bar fight or celebrity crotch shot.

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  • be_devine

    You were great. You looked gorgeous and sounded like a pro.

    But it seemed to be missing that special . . . je ne sais Spots. It seems like they scripted/edited out the best of your personality. And after all, your commentary is the only reason to watch this. Who wants to watch some uninteresting and vapid moviegoer talk about how “. . .like, throughout the whole movie, we were dialoguing with each other. . .” (Can someone tell me what the hell that means, anyway?)

    More Spots On The Red Carpet!!

  • Beth S.

    Thanks! I think it was a little harder this time because the stars of the show weren’t doing interviews. I mean, not everyone can be Benjamin Bratt…

  • Bill

    I think dialoguing is when you talk so much you lose track of how much you’re talking. Plus they were talking about dialogue. p.s. I thought the interviews were great!

  • generic

    What be_devine said.

    There was a moment when it nearly happened. When the two 50-somethings were quizzed on dating & on-screen sex, the je ne sais Spots almost got rolling.

  • Matt Baume

    I love “je ne sais Spots.” It is such a perfectly-put way of describing Beth’s work.