In Biz/Tech/Real Estate news on May 22nd: Tina Fey and an extremely popular cat are on Twitter, the Pope is on Facebook, and Scientologists run rampant in Silicon Valley.


Officials say that many companies have ceased giving out job surveys due to the recession. No one knows whether this is because they want to save money, because they don’t want to know the real truth, or because they simply don’t care. Chron

Scientology meets Silicon Valley in this very creepy story. Valley Wag

CEO of video game organization criticizes the Governor for pursuing strict video game laws, saying it’s a waste of time and resources during the recession. Also, minors need their fix of blood and zombies! Chron

.2 percent of Californians have more jobs since last month. Chron

The real Craigslist Killer: Pew Center says Craigslist is almost singlehandedly killing newspapers. CNET


The Pope doesn’t believe in condoms, but he apparently believes in Facebook. No word yet on his stance towards poking and/or facebook chatting. Reuters

Google came up with this thing called an “Inbox Preview,” which displays a simple screenshot of your ten most recent emails even if you’re on a super slow connection (their example is “a remote place in Ethiopia,” but I’m thinking more in terms of the iffy Comcast in my living room). Tech Meme

Oooh, the new Apple Tablet looks so pretty! Here are some updates; looks like it’s definitely in the works, though. Tech Meme

If you’re too lazy to make your own RSS feed, now you can borrow one from your more tech-savvy/internet obsessed friends. Tech Meme

Twitter’s search engine sucks, according to some. Tech Meme

Google continues to take over the internet with their newly updated Chrome web browser. Tech Meme

Another day, another new Facebook phishing spam. Just don’t click on any links you don’t know, people! Even if they’re offering, like, really awesome Facebook gifts. Tech Meme

Tina Fey joins Twitter, but doesn’t Tweet. Valley Wag

Microsoft applied for a patent so they could research how to facilitate meetings via hologram. Perhaps with Will.I.Am? Valley Wag

20 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Youtube is proud of this fact but still unsatisfied, so they launched a feature that lets viewers instantly respond to videos. I bet 3/4 of new content is just different variations of “Play it Off Keyboard Cat.” Chron

Want more than half a million followers on Twitter? The secret, apparently, is to be a cat; just ask Sockington, Twitter’s latest star. ABC7

Facebook looks into virtual currency. Is Facebook turning into Second Life? CNET


Window-shop the East Bay’s most expensive real estate listings. Chron

Median home prices are up 4.2 percent in the Bay Area. Chron

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