I resolve to get fucked up while posing at running, corporate party poopers be darned (and resolved at).

You. You have some explaining to do.

It’s under your watch that the very rules upon which this great City and County operate were altered forever. It was while you were still young and restless that India Basin was transformed from bizarre semi-urban sorta-industrial not-quite-a-wasteland-but-not-really-nice-either to a skyscraping capitalist playground for blogging millionaire organic venture fixie capitalists, who successfully expelled all small dogs, children and hippies from said City and County.*

Well — where were you when they approved such madness at City Hall in a sparsely-attended committee hearing? What did you say in your three minutes of charter-guaranteed public comment when they tried to cram this down your vegan craw?

Um, you’ll say. I was defending your right to put on a toga and then eventually take it off, while pounding PBRs and making your way towards the beach, tugging a tiki bar on wheels with 40 of your closest friends.

Right. As your future chances to make a killing off of what’s left of this 7×7 rock were killed off softly in a public forum, you skipped work to make it known the world that you’d be fucked, FUCKED before one more Sunday a year would be corporatized, sanitized and slightly less fun-it-ized.

That’s why today’s 2:30 PM Special Hearing for the express purpose of “Urging the organizers of the Bay to Breakers to collaborate on a comprehensive plan that protects the neighborhoods while preserving the unique spirit of the race” will get all the Press and the Glory, and today’s legit shit will go unnoticed, unless…

Unless you choose wisely between Monday’s Land Use Committee and the Very Special City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee. The future depends on the choice betwixt nonbinding resolution and rift in the fabric of our being.**

Unless you like statistics, in which case YES. The San Francisco Police Department’s case of the Mondays is telling all within earshot who is getting arrested, where, when, and, ostensibly, for what, at the Public Safety Committee. Since you’ve been asking.

Don’t go all out today, though – tomorrow’s full Board meeting is at the early hour of 10 a.m. This is so Muni board members trying to Zero Emission us all into the 20th Century can get the public comment treatment, too.

What: Public Safety Committee
When: 11 AM
Where: Board of Supes Chamber

What: Land Use & Economic Development Committee
When: 1 PM
Where: Room 263

What: Special – City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee
When: 2:30 PM
Where: Board of Supes Chamber

*None of which is on the agenda today, but none of which is expressly prohibited, either, which – you know. Could happen.

**Which means we’ll be at the Bay to Breakers thing. Always a chance of naked people, right?

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