On April 28, the 9th Circuit Court has ruled that prisoners can sue Boeing subsidiary for transporting them as terrorism suspects to secret prisons; Steve Jobs may finally be able to knock down his house; and cow-dung bricks win a prize at UC Berkeley.


California Public Employees’ Retirement System to vote against Bank of America board’s re-election. Chron

A federal appeals court has ruled that a lower court wrongly dismissed a suit against San Jose-based Jeppesen Dataplan Inc. (a subsidiary of Boeing) after the government claimed that “state secrets” would be released in a case. The plaintiffs are prisoners suing the company for allegedly flying them as terrorism suspects to secret prisons to be tortured as part of the CIA’s “extraordinary rendition” program. Chron

Prosper Marketplace Inc., the p2p lending service, has resumed lending activities after a quiet six-month period while the company was registering with the SEC. SF Business Times

EcoFaeBrick, a cow-dung brick business proposal made by students at Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia, has one the top prize of $25,000 at UC Berkeley. SF Business Times

The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, and San Mateo Times have reported increased paid circulation. SF Business Times

Shares in travel and leisure companies rebound as analysts state that swine flu is mostly localized and short-term. Reuters

Apple has hired Bob Drebin, former CTO of AMD’s graphics group. SF Business Times

‘Linux Defenders’, a Linux advocate, has stated that it is publicly seeking invention data that could help overturn three Microsoft patents that have been alleged as being infringed by some Linux implementations. CNET

Apple gone too far with BluWiki? A lawsuit says yes. CNET

AMB Property Corp. lost $122 million loss in Q1. SF Business Times


Two UC Berkeley professors to receive $30 million from U.S. Department of Energy for carbon capture work and research. SF Business Times

Another Adobe Reader security hole emerges in Reader 8.14 and 9.1 for Linux. CNET

Microsoft Office 2007 finally adds Open Office document support. CNET

Netbooks: the way of the future? CNET

Mercy Corps, a non-profit, has just launched a free online social networking tool for small business owners to connect to mentors and advisors called “MicroMentor 2.0”. ABC


Atherton police will watch the security cameras at your house–for a fee. Chron

Home prices continue to fall in San Francisco. Socket CBS

After more than a decade, Steve Jobs may finally be able to tear down his Woodside house. Chron

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