All day, we’ve been apologizing to people (and they to us) for errors and disorientation we’re blaming on daylight saving. And, judging from our Twitter friends, reviews are mixed.

We got on IM with Zoe Stagg, notorious anti-Daylight Savings agitator to see how she was doing today.

me: So, Zoe, how are you feeling today?
Zoe: i was none to thrilled with going on my usual morning run in the pitch dark–at 7. i mean that’s up and at-em chores time.
they call it “standard time” for a reason
plus science indicates our tampering with the clock actually does little to curb energy usage.
me: Science?  Zoe, this interview is for the internet.  Please stop boring us with facts. But why are you so annoyed by it?  What’s the bee in your bonnet?
Zoe: i
might have to people who say “but we get an extra hour” in the same
category with people who misspell “definitely.” daylight is a finite
commodity, give or take the odd minute… there was no extra “daylight”
awarded yesterday. it just got relabeled.
me: Well,
I feel like I’m dragging today, like I’m totally behind.  Am I just
psyching myself out because I know it’s DLS, or is this real?
Zoe: of
course it’s real. you got up an hour earlier. the human body is pretty
perceptive. it knows that everything’s all schmucked up. it takes me a
month to adjust.
it’s the worst kind of self-imposed jetlag.
for no. good. reason. at least if you get jet lag on a trip you end up somewhere cool.
me: Thank you, Zoe.  I knew it wasn’t me.
Thanks for talking with the Appeal.
Zoe: you’re welcome.

How about you?  Adjusting OK?  If so, will you please bring us some coffee?

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