$30,000 Pilot Program To Cut N Judah Seating In Half Launches Monday

Riders on two San Francisco Municipal Railway trains will have a chance this month and next to test out a new seat arrangement on the fleet’s light-rail vehicles.

The new seat configuration adds more standing room by replacing 14 double-wide seats with single-wide seats as part of the pilot program headed by San Francisco supervisors London Breed and Scott Wiener.

The test program will launch Monday on one car on the N-Judah Muni Metro line and run until May 30.

Another car will be converted into the new arrangement on the L-Taraval between June 2 and June 13.

The pilot program comes with a $30,000 price tag and is being used to test ways to maximize space on trains, Muni spokesman Paul Rose said.

Removing the seats will make room for at least 10 more passengers to stand, according to Muni officials. There will be space for a total of 26 standing passengers.

According to officials, for each seat removed two more standing passengers can get onboard.

During the pilot, riders who experience the new configuration are asked to give their feedback on an online survey.
The survey and more information about the pilot program are available at www.sfmta.com/projects-planning/projects/light-rail-vehicle-lrv-seating-pilot.

Muni officials will be counting and surveying passengers during the program to gather data about capacity and passenger opinions.

Sasha Lekach, Bay City News

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  • This is bullshit. It’s going to suck.

  • Steve Berliner

    Why not run three-, or even four-car trains?

  • shark

    Am I getting this right – they are taking away 14 seats to make space for 10 standing passengers????

    • mz

      10 additional standing passengers. The 14 people who were sitting down have to stand somewhere now too.

  • Allison

    “How do we make people…more like sardines? Oh, I’VE GOT IT! Take their seats away and stuff them onto the N-Judah!”

    “But sir, won’t they be angry?”

    “Just don’t look at their dreadful faces. We don’t ride MUNI anyway.”

    “Right you are!”

    (Sounds of wealthy chortling and guzzling of champagne.)

  • Kim Thelen

    As someone living and working in San Francisco with arthritus in my knees and hip post chemo- BAD BAD BAD BAD IDEA!! I already have to ride to work on the N Judah or L Taraval standing and in excruciating pain because there are not enough seats!! This does NOT alleviate the problem.

  • Mighty CornFlakes

    This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of! Why don’t we try to get MUNI to actually show up on time, instead of eliminating seats so it could fit more people because it shows up so inaccurately and infrequently. Dumb dumb dumb

  • frenchjr25

    How about the Board of Supervisors step in and try to stop all of the craziness that continues to happen with the SFMTA. Taking away seats is a truly horribly idea. What’s needed is more streetcars.

    And having people standing on a moving vehicle is a dangerous situation. In an accident they are easily hurt.

  • aoism

    How about add more trains and make the above ground stops longer to accommodate, and be on par with the cavernous underground stations that you have to SPRINT down to catch your 2 car train?

  • derpderp

    this is idiotic.
    hey, SFMTA, how about you use your current surplus to get some more trains into the fleet and/or train some more LRV operators? Or maybe work on improving the system in place so trains aren’t constantly bunched in groups and packed like sardine cans. Right now they’re getting ready to spend thousands to tear up a chunk of the inner-sunset to move the N-line stops around. and for what? to save all of 30-60 seconds on their route time. WTF? What is the point when your system is constantly understaffed and your fleet is breaking down?

    At this point you’re just screwing your customers by wasting time and money on things WE CLEARLY DON’T WANT, when actual- effective- solutions are right there in front of you.