Mission District Rally To Oppose Violence Against Venezuelan Protesters Planned For Monday Afternoon

A group will gather in San Francisco’s Mission District at noon today to protest recent violence against political demonstrators in Venezuela.

Several protesters have died in clashes in that country in the past week, and the group organizing today’s rally claims the deaths were caused by U.S.-backed opposition groups that are working to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“The right wing in Venezuela has exhausted all opportunities to win an election … Now the tactic is to destabilize the government,” ANSWER Coalition organizer Frank Lara said.

He said he believes the events in Venezuela are being reported inaccurately by the international media, and that today’s protest aims to provide a counter-narrative.

The noon rally will take place at 24th and Mission streets. Participating groups include the ANSWER Coalition, the Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition, the Task Force on the Americas and others.

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  • sfsoma

    if they are so concerned abt Venezuela why don’t they get down there and help? Far too many activists on the dole here with nothing better to do than party/demonstrate

    • Sofi Gómez

      Because WE have our lives here, lives that were impossible to live there… BUT we do have families and friends who are living there and live the day to day of this collapsed unfair government. They live the fear day to day. And believe me it’s not easy for them to leave Venezuela. It is very difficult.. and even though we are far from our country living our dreams that we couldn’t achieve there becuase of the government…we fight together as one. We are Venezuelans, here or there. It is in our blood, and in our hearts. I do believe you need to do some research before you say a comment like the one you just did.
      Being a Venezuelan, I do hope that it everything comes out for the better of the civilians so that one day I can move back to live there without fear.

  • njudah

    If these groups had their way, they’d want a government just like Venezuela’s and they idiolized Hugo Chavez, so why are they upset??

    • neutral_corner

      It’s all just so confusing. I barely know at whom to throw my rotting vegetables anymore.