Gavin Newsom Chairing Pot Legalization Panel

A blue-ribbon panel chaired by Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom is being created to study marijuana legalization in California, officials with the American Civil Liberties Union of California said today.

Details about the panel, which will include various legal, academic and policy experts from around the state and nation, will be announced at a news conference at ACLU’s Northern California headquarters in San Francisco on Thursday.

The panel will study legal and policy issues related to marijuana legalization as voters and policymakers consider proposals to regulate and tax the drug.

At Thursday’s news conference, poll results will be released showing growing support among California voters for legalizing marijuana, according to the ACLU, which has been a supporter of that movement.

Dan McMenamin, Bay City News

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  • SFog

    So if pot is leagalized and is the same as beer, wine or spirits, where dose that leave medical pot? Is it still medicine?

    • danboyd3

      You spell like your on Pot…

  • Pontifikate

    Perfect positioning for this libertarian who runs as a Democrat. Easy to be a social liberal, not so easy when it comes to your own wallet. Watch this guy; he’s sleezy.

  • sfsoma

    Let me guess, Gavvy or cronies have investments in the cannabis industry.


    (The Jack Herer Initiative)

    Legalizes cannabis hemp. Creates and funds new cannabis hemp based industries and jobs.

    Permits the use of marijuana by adults 21 and older and licenses, regulates, enforces, and taxes recreational marijuana sales just like beer and wine.

    Requires that 50% of excise taxes collected from sales of recreational cannabis be made available to be used for the development, promotion, and assistance in the creation of industrial, nutritional, and medicinal cannabis hemp industries.

    Prohibits any and all taxation of medicinal cannabis, and expands the accessibility of medicinal cannabis used in accordance with Proposition 215.

    Prohibits cities and counties from imposing discriminatory, excessive, or prohibitive zoning requirements and fees on cannabis outlets.

    Allows farmers to grow industrial hemp and hemp seed, and allows industries and entrepreneurs to use the crop for the many uses and applications that hemp provides, both historically and modern.

    Restricts the use in California of genetically modified Cannabis seeds.

    Eliminates the unfair practice of drug testing for Cannabis metabolites, which can be retained in the human body for months. Impairment testing for non-metabolized cannabis, a more effective and accurate measurement for impairment or recent usage, would replace the metabolite test.

    Mandates that the state establish performance based standards, similar to those established for alcohol, to determine levels of impairment for safe operation of motor vehicles and other equipment.

    Allows for the release and discharge of people currently being punished for non –violent marijuana offenses, saving taxpayers millions of dollars annually and freeing up jail space, judicial and crime fighting resources.

    Removes Cannabis from the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act, which currently allows the Federal Government to Regulate Cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

    Prohibits California Law enforcement from assisting Federal Drug agents attempting to enforce federal laws that are no longer illegal by reason of this legislation.

    Allows for personal use and possession of Cannabis grown for personal consumption.

    Caps the excise tax for commercial sales at 10% of retail price. Caps the license fees for commercial production, distribution, and sales at $1000.

    Allows a physician to approve or recommend medicinal cannabis without fear of repercussion to all patients, regardless of age.

  • 1234678

    If the make up of this “Medical” board is not entirely professional Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers then it is a fraud by definition.

    Medicine is to be administered in the US by medical/nursing professionals. That’s the law(s). Academic and policy experts do not meet the qualifications.

    Start over and do it correctly. Anything else just continues what is in California and beyond – medical cannabis insanity based on the complete ignorance of the human Endocannabinoid System.

    Al Byrne, Patients Out of Time,