SFPD Searching for Suspect in Dog Attack That Seriously Injured Man

A female suspect fled Golden Gate Park after her dog seriously injured a person at the park earlier this month, police said.

The dog attack occurred at 9:37 a.m. on Feb. 8., according to police.

The suspect is being described as a white or Hispanic female, 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds. She had short black hair and was wearing thin-framed rectangular shaped glasses, police said.

The suspect fled in a 2006 white Ford Explorer with a license plate number ending in B694.

The victim was playing catch with his dogs when the suspect’s dog, an 80-pound male gray pit bull with a patch of white on its chest, attacked as the victim was retrieving a ball, police said.

The pit bull bit the victim on the right calf and the victim fell to the ground. The dog and victim were now facing each other and the victim put up his left arm to defend himself, according to police.

The dog bit and held on to the victim’s left forearm.

The victim punched the dog to get it to release its grip and the dog bit the victim’s right forearm, police said.

The suspect stopped the attack and promised to provide identification and proof of rabies vaccination but instead fled, according to police.

Anyone with information about the attack is being asked to call Sgt. Sherry Hicks at (415) 558-5524 or at sfpddangerousdogs@sfgov.org.

Keith Burbank, Bay City News

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  • Debbie Bell

    Bully people say they want their bully dogs to be treated equally, the same as any other dog.

    Well, it’s rare that bully dogs suffer the severe injuries or fatal mauling attacks that they so expertly inflict on their victims: dogs, horses, humans. .

    Now that’s not fair!

    So if the bully people are going to continue breeding and mongering THE DOG FIGHTER’S only choice, the dogs designed to leave home and maim and kill for no reason other than mutant manmade instinct, then to be fair we could decriminalize attacks on bully dogs in the ways and places that bully dogs attack their victims.

    Chainsaws could quickly inflict bully type injuries on bully dogs… walking quietly to the car, or in their own fenced yards, at the park, even inside their homes, all places bully dogs maim and kill.

    Police arrive but explain that these attacks are no longer crimes since the injured were only dogs, the assailants may have to pay a small fine but can even keep their chainsaws.

    You get to pay your vet bills and clean up the blood. No problem, because it’s fair!

    Cruel? Disgusting? Insane? Then it is also cruel, disgusting and insane to continue breeding and mongering dogs who are the best at maiming and killing.

    Look to the true experts of unprovoked prolonged, anywhere at all, dog attacks: the dog fighters. They know which dogs are the BEST at “kill ir due tryin” attacks, and they all choose bully dogs.

  • Steep Ravine

    Please keep your pitties on leash in the city!