More Than A Dozen Protesters Blocking Streets In Immigration Rally

More than a dozen immigrant rights advocates have chained themselves together in San Francisco’s Financial District this morning to protest what they say are cruel raids by federal authorities on Central American refugees.

Ten protesters began blocking Sansome and Washington streets and six others were blocking Sansome and Jackson streets shortly after 10 a.m. and remained there an hour later.

The protest is part of a statewide day of action, including a similar rally in Los Angeles, held by groups including the Immigration Youth Coalition, the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance and other immigrant rights organizations.

About 200 people were at the San Francisco rally this morning to call on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to recognize Central American asylum seekers as refugees and stop what they say are inhumane deportations.

Daniel Montes, Bay City News

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  • johnsmith363

    When are we going to stop letting every activist with a cause and some spare time disrupt the commutes of the rest of us who actually have to work for a living? The SFPD needs to tune these idiots up.

  • AmericanPieHole59

    What we need is bigger and better raids early and more often. When are we going to start enforcing the law? Many of these protesters are foreign national illegally in this country illegally.

    • oorfenegro

      The government says it doesn’t have the money or resources to enforce immigration laws. Most county jails are full or nearly full with felons to comply with Supreme Court orders to reduce state prison overcrowding and until deportation orders are issue, illegal immigrants have to be held in county jails because there’s not enough federal facilities to hold all the illegals out there. There’s not enough room in county jails to hold illegals who haven’t committed any other crime so unless an illegal has committed a felony, most sheriffs dealing with jail overcrowding are not going to arrest people only suspected of being illegal when there’s not enough space to house violent felons…It’s estimated that it would take more than the current military budget to deport all the illegal immigrants

      • AmericanPieHole59

        I appreciate your reply. There are many ways to enforce the law. For example the employers could be fined as well as the illegals. I remember get a parking ticket that I forgot about. I got a letter saying there would be a warrant for my arrest if I did not respond. We have people snubbing the laws, false IDs, illegal bussineses, and so on. They are breaking laws on all levels. Most of these people come from lawless countries and don’t understand what lawful society looks like. Fines work and attrition works. Streamline deportation.

        • oorfenegro

          I think your example of parking tickets reflects the new reality of law enforcement…many years ago I was arrested and locked up for having parking tickets. Today law enforcement doesn’t bother with arrests, they just find your car, tow it or put a boot on it, which cost the county about $50 but generates about $600 in fines and towing/storage fees. If you don’t claim the car, the city sells it and everything in it.
          There was a time Corporate America would hire people with relatively few background checks, today the first thing asked of an applicant is their social security number, and the increase of minimum wage has eliminated the major incentive of hiring illegals
          Another factor is be careful of what you ask for…most illegal immigrants are model residents, quiet, law abiding people who are good neighbors. If you force them out they very well could be replaced by folks who like to have loud parties or argue late into the night or may be engaged in shady activities such as AirBnB, drug grow house or a “massage” business
          Finally deportation is a federal, constitutional process; wouldn’t it be better to prosecute dangerous and violent illegals while leaving alone law abiding illegals.

          • AmericanPieHole59

            I would have to disagree. I know many illegals and they will break any law that stands in their way. They break laws on all levels and if you question their status they will gladly tell they don’t care about our laws. They will give you sad eyes and a sad story but behind your back they have only contempt for you and our country. They are taking our jobs, plundering our resources and worst of all they are dividing our nation. They always say they are only looking for a better life well bank robbers say the same thing. They need to go no matter what the cost because the cost they putting on this country is immeasurable.