Defunct San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team Falls Down On Promise To Pay Back Season Ticket Holders

The San Francisco Bulls owes fans thousands of dollars in unpaid ticket refunds, eight months after the minor league hockey team announced it went belly-up.

After speaking with a dedicated group of fans, seasons’ ticket holders for the most part, the Appeal has learned that the team owes at least $4,152 in ticket refunds to fans, and an unknown amount of cash to corporate sponsors. In a widely circulated email, the team promised to refund all tickets for upcoming games that would not be played because of the bankruptcy.

“The owners never really had local ties,” Bulls fan David Elrod told the Appeal in an email. “They basically sold everything they had and went back to Canada.  This left 100s of people out cash. Some up to $1000s of dollars. At this point team officials are not even answering inquiries.”

Reached by telephone Friday afternoon East Coast Hockey League commissioner Brian McKenna told the Appeal that he expects the Bulls’ ownership to honor their outstanding debts.

“Once we were told the ownership could no longer fund the operation, we advised them that it was their responsibility to fans, season ticket holders and sponsors to refund the sales.”

The Bulls also had dozens of corporate sponsors, some of which included government agencies, such as BART, Recology, and several beer companies. None of the corporate sponsors returned the Appeal’s inquiries about outstanding monies owed by the team — including the Cow Palace, which hosted games and is owned by the state’s Department of Food and Agriculture.

The Appeal was also unable to reach any of the Bulls’ former executives or owners — who are rumored to have packed up and left town. “I don’t think anyone knows where they are,” Elrod said. “I would assume they went back to Ontario.”

The investor group included Americans Pat and Elouise Curcio (Pat was also the Bulls’ coach), Angela Batinovich (who resides in the Bay Area). Canadian investors Shmuel Farhi, and Peter Higley also owned undisclosed amounts of the hockey club.

The Bulls were in their second year as a minor-league affiliate of the San Jose Sharks when, on January 27 of this year, they abruptly announced that they were ceasing operations, with 32 games left un-played in the season.

“It’s highly unusual for a team to fold mid-season, and it caused other teams considerable financial hardship because of re-scheduling and travel costs,” McKenna said. “Unfortunately, we’re a non-profit organization and don’t have the ability to fund or pay the Bulls’ obligations.”

The league’s last attempts to contact the ownership were unsuccessful, McKenna said.

The Bulls are not the first minor league hockey team this city has seen. The San Francisco Spiders, a part of the International Hockey League, made a single season appearance in 1995-96, also playing at the Cow Palace.

The Spiders filed for Chapter 11 in May of 1996, with losses of $6 million for that season, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. Poor attendance and difficulties with the arena were among the reasons the team failed, the newspaper said at the time.

Fans of this hockey club, however, were a loyal bunch. After reports surfaced of the uncertain fate of the team, Bulls fans sprang into action, creating a petition that had more than 600 signatures from people urging local politicians to get involved. Ultimately their efforts failed.

“The Bulls were like a family to me. Cow Palace became my second home,” one person wrote on the “Save the SF Bulls!” Facebook page. “I will miss seeing all of you at the games and especially seeing the boys. They were close to my heart and I wish all of them best of luck in the future.”

Elrod also thought the fan base was exceptionally devoted to the team. “These were dedicated fans who put up their own money to make players who came to SF to play more comfortable,” he wrote.

“Basically, lots of people supported this team above and beyond the call of duty.”

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    I love the Cow Palace but its just was not the place to have an SF hockey team. It would have been better at the Bill Graham CC Auditorium.

    • Jonathan Davis

      The civic is physically too small to host hockey

  • Martha Hughes

    It’s disappointing that the person didn’t have the experience or knowledge to know how to run a business. It basically screwed over a lot of people and destroyed hockey in San Francisco for a long, long time. Nice job.

  • randy

    In my option, it had more to do with the Cow Palace. Not exactly and family friendly area. The place is really dated. The food was bad and expensive. The Cow Palace rent was astronomical from what I hear. Minor league sports are always a dicey proposition at best. I give the Bulls, Curcio and the staff credit for trying. Seems the Cow Palace has scared away a lot of clients. I think they could have worked with The Bulls to keep them here. When they demolish the Cow Palace, I will be there waving the Bulls flag.

    • Jonathan Davis

      How much more money do you lose before you have to tell a tenant to get out? I watched the Bulls spend money like it was going out of style or better yet, like a person with a high limit credit card that never intended on paying their bills. The CP is dated from taking losses from clients like this. 30+ years in entertainment industry and I’ve NEVER seen a mismanaged operation like the Bulls. We offered lots of help without ANY takers from them. Their fault, plain & simple.

      • randy

        In my opinion, there are plenty of people who will disagree with you. No AC or heat to speak of. Food sucks. Food prices too high. Facility is crumbling. Bad location. Yet The Bulls were expected to pay how much a game? I hear it was in excess of $30k…a game! Wow! I think The Cow Palace tried to milk The Bulls to keep that place open and they called your bluff. We can disagree on The Bulls Story. But, in any case, it is time to tear down The Cow Palace and use that space to better serve THAT community.

        • Jonathan Davis

          Randy, I’m the TD at the Cow Palace. There is what they told the press and there’s the real story. You can blame the CP all you want but you’d still be wrong. Take it from someone who was there from the get go. Before they even started the 2nd season they knew they wouldn’t make it. They stole from companies like Reebok and countless others. Individuals were bilked for season tickets with no refunds. Criminals are what they are. Still owing 1 1/2million to fans and vendors including the CP.

          • randy

            I was a 4 season ticket holder and I got a FULL REFUND. There may have been a couple of people, and I stress a couple, that did not get their refund for one reason or another. Like I said, the CP needs to be torn down and something that serves the community should be built. This community is struggling. I will be there with The Bulls flag the day they tear the place down.

        • Jonathan Davis

          To mention the heat or a/c, how do you heat an arena that’s filled full of ice? Do you pay more to turn the ice colder for the 1000 fans average per game? The reason there were a 1000 fans? It’s called papering. Give tickets away for free or next to nothing. This is slimey because of patrons who paid full price for the tickets. I could go on and on but won’t. They’re gone! Good riddens!

  • Alex Robards

    SF doesn’t have the heart to host a hockey team and the Cow Palace is a hellhole that took the Bulls to the cleaners anyways…stick to baseball and being duushey

    • Jonathan Davis

      How did the CP take the bulls to the cleaners?

  • Antonio Everett

    Curcio is coaching in italy now. He ran away from all his debts. I still get people sending me fb messages about this. Asking if I was successful in getting a refund. Ironically, Curcio and CO. disputed my claim with Visa, and some how won. Well not somehow, they told them that I used ALL my tickets on one game and brought a group of 30+ people and there for wasnt owed any money. Fuck you curcio. Douchebag! Stay in italy!