Report From Housing Group Illustrates Displacement Of Bay Area Minorities

As the median income of neighborhoods in Oakland and San Francisco has gone up over the last 20 years, their demographics have shifted dramatically, with more white and less black residents, according to a report released this week by the housing activist group Causa Justa.

The proportion of black residents has been declining substantially and among those remaining, there is less home ownership and more renting in gentrifying neighborhoods, according to the report released Monday using data largely compiled from the Alameda County Public Health Department.

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For example, 76 to 78 percent of black residents rented their homes in gentrified neighborhoods in 1990, but 100 percent rented in 2011. Meanwhile, white home ownership in the same areas has increased.

This effect, the group argues, is largely the result of shifts in economic production in urban centers across the U.S., from a manufacturing economy to one focused on finance, service and technology.

The group argues that urban centers are becoming increasingly affluent as cities become the centers of technological innovation, employing a highly paid class of workers who covet living in cities and have the income to afford higher rents.

Meanwhile, lower-income residents in urban centers are being pushed out through higher rents and evictions and are relocating to suburban areas, according to the report.

That kind of forced displacement can have impacts on the health of the people pushed out, including through loss of access to services, longer commutes, and the stress of slowly being pushed out of their neighborhoods through rising rents or eviction, the group argues.

Residents who stay may move in together to save money in the face of rising housing costs, leading people to share overcrowded apartments.

Public health data shows that more than 15 percent of residents share a room in neighborhoods that Causa Justa identified as being in the late stages of gentrification, such as San Francisco’s Mission District.

While acknowledging the demographic shifts may be due at least in part to voluntary relocation by individuals, Causa Justa’s report concludes that external political, social and economic factors are responsible for the overall shifts in the composition of the Bay Area’s urban neighborhoods.

The analysis was done through a comparison of Bay Area neighborhoods between 1990 and 2011 using methodology drawn from a 2013 study conducted by the city of Portland.

The methodology compiles demographic, economic, and property data and analyzes the information based on census tracts and identifies different stages of gentrification.

Areas such as North Oakland and Rockridge in Oakland and Potrero Hill in San Francisco are considered already gentrified, according to the analysis, while the Mission District is in the late stages, most of West Oakland and downtown along with San Francisco’s Hunters Point are considered in the middle stages, and much of East Oakland or southern San Francisco is considered susceptible or in the early stages.

The report concludes by outlining policy suggestions for mitigating or stopping gentrification, including stricter code enforcement for landlords, protections for tenants against evictions and harassment and greater outreach for tenants to understand their rights as renters.

Also recommended are citywide approaches to ensuring that affordable housing units remain in affected neighborhoods and cities despite the demolition of existing housing for higher-priced units.

Causa Justa recommended a “no net loss” policy to prevent decreases in affordable units in this way, requiring construction of as many new affordable units as are lost through renovation, conversion or demolition.

To accomplish that, the group suggests taxing developers working on higher-priced units to help finance the construction of lower-priced ones and providing better government incentives for affordable housing construction.

Causa Justa faults local governments’ recent approaches to development, which it argues concentrate largely on downtown areas and construction of housing targeting more affluent renters.

San Francisco and Oakland city governments have implemented policies advocated by Causa Justa recently, including Tuesday’s passage of an ordinance in San Francisco that would require greater payouts for people evicted under the state’s Ellis Act.

The Ellis Act allows landlords to evict residents without cause if they plan to take an existing building off of the rental market. Critics have charged that a loophole in the law allows landlords to evict rent-controlled tenants before renovating a building into higher-priced units.

The San Francisco ordinance, which still requires a final vote by the city’s Board of Supervisors, would tie compensation from landlords for evicted tenants to the real estate market.

Meanwhile, the Oakland City Council last month took up the issue of whether to limit the capital improvement costs that can be passed on to tenants, as the city’s laws allowed 100 percent of renovation costs to be passed on to renters, forcing people out with massive rent hikes.

Scott Morris, Bay City News

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  • cedichou

    There is something fishy either in the report, or in this article. Saying that 78% of blacks were renters in some neighorhood in 1990, but that went up to 100% in 2011 does not pass the smell test. The 22% of black homeowners cannot have been all displaced. This does not make sense.

    • Cummbottom

      Concur probably the inaccuate statistics. Laugh yes, techie pro equality. Allot information is distorted you’ll. Say whom behind the rationalizations! Those benefiting from gentrification. Whites only fraction population of. San Francisco own yes bought market. Was low today you must be. New resident of Bay Area learn to say. $900.000 or low million net worth. Of investments in real estate argument. Board Supervisors failed or did they? Housing equality not against redevelopment. Providing fairness is established never the case. Regarding lesser few whom can’t make. The appropriate example fo expense. Majority mismanaged corporate clones!

      Whom frown upon those not. Making expected incomes don’t blame. Only tech firms industries paying. High salaries failed lobby for equality. Wasn’t the economic agenda going. Write this also prevalent struggle. Allow narcotics lingering SRO homes. Yes everyone has right to housing. Realtors and investors are harsh reality! Any resident whom renting could be. Displaced by Ellis Act now effecting. Once,impartial educated White folks. Whom laugh at Tenderloin no longer. Going redevelop as extension of Market street. Laugh always reason for urban. Decay San Francisco gold mind for some. Horrible experience for some it’s. About profits nothing more rentals. Going to increase another goal. To destroy what? Rent control in San Francisco if so. Everyone be affluent! Article forgotten the
      new rich. Whom bought majority real estate in Bay Area. With cash dashing taxes every lot. For protit not adequate housing. Fight for liberity!

  • thebzzz


  • thebzzz

    The property owner in the city hasn’t been renting to blacks in years. We have been pushed across the bridge..

    • Valid or assumption never fails. Rationalization of thought well do have. Knowledge of Fillmore once Black. Merchants those still among them. Pushed out not because of heritage. Just changing times of commerce. Cafes and popular interest is preference. Tell us were the Black middle class? Hidden due those collecting what. Government dependence this accurate Willie Brown. Frown upon helping those lower. Income don’t use race game so lame! Asian American call blame Ed Lee. Hispanics Dave Campos using color lines!

  • Cummbottom

    Ellis Act is state law can be. Out lawed? Yes, whom the supporters those benefiting. Real estate,developments and investments. Decry of respect prior to redevelopment. Housing programs did exist once. Prior the statistics which are bias. Board of Supervisors opinion majority of residents. Home owners seldom need policies. To protect housing well article. Stating unfair renters policies landlords. Using political swords to destroy. The happy homes fully aware. Of laws San Francisco gotten as Chicago,NYC and Boston! Reign of housing discrimination and evictions. Usually, those not understanding ordeal. Figure eviction defines lack of payment. No “Greedy Few” telling most what. Not to do regarding retaining. Rentals informing landlords to delist. Or demolish for condo’s ask. Yourself we pay taxes for merit. Of progress why is a struggle. Just to retain housing not as. Were forcing ideology upon. Principles write to council person just. Just candidate reply we understand. Give us a resolution governor Brown D. Passed 1229 were cities in California no. Longer use the inclusion act to request BMR. Below Market Rate units bogus why? Developers receive tax credits along. Exemptions abatements now understand the advocacy. For affluent few telling majority. What not to do? Share percentage of vacant units. Apt dwellings my complex 7 currently. Vacant since 2009-11 when speak to. Property management no answer! Yes experience Ellis Act eviction twice. So not wasting anyone time.

    Going lobby for equality in housing! Yes contact San Francisco Apartment Association. Organizations support Ellis Act write Dave Campos. It’s state law Ellis Act needs. Vote soon to defeat it abuse. Cause family to decay morally. Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco and Professional Property Management Association of San Francisco. Depress links these websites you’ll. See your landlord whom eager to. Enact the policies of Ellis Act. Mention to them why empty units. No answer time is now! Housing policies for everyone not. Exclusive affluent few whom liberty now! Bay area for citizens to reside. Freedom!

  • Cummbottom

    Well can’t speak for those. Viewing social disparity only racial elements. Bay Area
    formerly was placid economic. Metropolitan region now let’s compare refuse. To use racial terms just heritage. Believe anyone or society can benefit. Economically only laws oppress future growth! San Francisco and Silicon Valley especially Santa Clara county. For those entrenched in color well. Sadly, it’s about money and corporations. Influencing the ballots yes E Bay,Google,Net Apps,Olidata and STMicroelectronics. Now the sudden compunction of Ellis Act. Yes, moral attack on social progress. Argument it was allow by courts for 5yrs, Even during so called Dot com. We didn’t have temptation of eviction. Majority are smaller landlords owning.
    Few properties now opposite. Real estate trust conflict for tenants. Middle men lawyers secure documents. So tenants can’t win enough. Ellis Act going be on the ballot! Address the so called race a disgrace! Many feel cultural heritage decide. Your personal success yes a test. Richmond,Persia,Chinatown and Tenderloin. Residents average citizens whom skills. Practical San Francisco no longer uniform.
    Formerly could reside in Bay Area. With limited specialized skills also. What happen to civic government employment? Out sourcing well paradox those. With academic
    degree including myself! Fall into yes category so called. Yuppie myself opposite
    respect others. Income is minor in my life. Pressure in Bay area residents to achieve. Career success why? Try you’ll make unlimited about of cash! Everyone in
    world seeks to emigrate Bay area! Distorted statistic only percentage is accurate.
    Why need to make sufficient salary. Rentals and expensive region politics favor.
    The affluent yes this Gay male. Decry the homophobic attitude lately. Bay Area yes
    increase due. External influence whom detest social freedom. Denmark my country
    liberal were homogenous. Society economically changing immigration policies!
    Returning topic San Francisco false perception. Everyone is accepted inaccurate
    new. Residents living in Castro and Noe Valley. Insecurity of liberal culturally Bay
    Area. Referring to heterosexual men frowning on Gays! Laugh were not going anywhere still. LGBTQ face segregation we lost many. Apts. units due Ellis Act
    and LGBTQ realtors. Remain impartial yes agenda is divided. Favor profits not
    social merit! Latin origin residents face economic. And rental segregation due
    master plan. Make Mission and Valencia along South Van Ness. New SOMA yes
    awaiting plans selling. Idea to whom developers many from abroad! Asian Americans face stereotypical propaganda how? Residents of Bay area hard working citizens. Before accuse them of favoring development. Contact Asian inc,
    whom tried get. ASEAN free market realtors to invest housing. Reply nothing
    contrary there building towards. Mission Bay,China Basin and Silicon Valley aware.
    Permits most investment monies insurance. Private banking stocks yes Asia. New
    residents whom there displacing. Those Ellis Act willing to purchase. Condo or
    high rentals they have. Credentials ask yourself is this racial. No personal success
    we need. Unite without racial undertones! Problem in Bay area ratio of impartial rich! Many different industries banking,insurance,shipping,technology and marketing. Yes living so called good life! Strife for those experiencing Ellis Act.
    Goal was residents whom rented. For consecutive years to become affluent! Really
    so bias and selfish to enrich. The system of defeat please!. Now Ed Lee pushing
    so called low income. Housing only mere 2,000 offering. Live in laws units waste
    effect zoning. Insurance companies going veto this. Due safety policies Board of
    Supervisors. Every city lot has least over. 15 to 30 applicants for proposals to make.
    Profits San Francisco has become college town. Majority new residents from ivy
    league schools. Conservatives whom affluent accepted them. Going say this many
    Whites only. Concern becoming rich ignoring social problems. Stratifications is standard remain aloof. Social and economic change doesn’t effect. Your personal
    gain Ellis Act going. Has cause urban blight most. Rentals which 80% occupied going lose. Tenants when deflation hits soon! Laugh beverages especially beer and wine. Increase when go bars San Francisco. Glass beer is high due consumption.
    Techies enjoy there attitudes I make. Enough money don’t care this fact. Notice
    Bay Area salaries abundant. H1B and Green cards overlooked have. Majority of so
    called status employment. Industries technology,health care and banking. Formerly
    Culinary industry was LGBTQ dominated. No longer Green card or H1B so don’t.
    Say race why your learning. Economic class war most those making. Salaries are
    contract employees. Only few retained to become permanent. Elated working for
    EU firm whom hires. Diversity still San Francisco gotten attention. Real estate concepts social responsibilities. Neglect Board of Supervisors need build housing!
    Many single professionals aspire become. Next best CEO and executive compensations. Foreboding those making so called quest. Guess what rental market going crash! Speculation tenants with salaries soon. Face decrease expectations laugh waiting. Market has established need allow. Inflated commodities yes in Bay Area. Many Paper cutters name for new residents.
    Many of SOMA condo projects sold. ASEAN free market and Brazil yes Infinity condo. Owned by Tishman Uninspired no Speyer buyers. Paid cash yes from
    money markets. Driving rentals and sales up Bay Area. Bragging about status yes we. Thought were preference because neighborhoods. Well fellow tenants it’s greed. Not because rent control false. Desires those making salaries pay. Anything yes allot cash is around now. Diversity name only San Francisco is conservative! Favors those enriching there agenda. Ellis Act going to be defeated on the ballot!