Cops Write 126 Tickets For SF Traffic Violations During Crackdown

San Francisco police joined forces with the California Highway Patrol Wednesday to crack down on traffic violations on two busy traffic corridors, issuing 126 citations during commute hours.

The crackdown targeted Van Ness Avenue between Market and Geary streets between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and again at 4 p.m. for the afternoon commute.

Between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. there was also extra enforcement on Folsom and Essex streets near the entrance to Interstate Highway 80.

During the operation, police issued 89 citations, while the CHP gave out 37. The violations included infractions for using cellphones and texting while driving and other distracted driving behaviors.

Other violations included failing to obey stop signs and traffic signals or yield to pedestrians, and seat belt and suspended license infractions.

The operation is part of the city’s goal of zero traffic deaths by 2024, a plan the city has dubbed “Vision Zero.”

Already this year there have been four pedestrian fatalities on Van Ness Avenue. There have been seven such deaths throughout the city.

Even as police were busy with the increased enforcement operation in one part of San Francisco Wednesday morning, a man believed to be 36 years old was struck by a car driven by a 20-year-old woman at 20th Avenue and Wawona Street.

The incident, reported at 7:37 a.m., sent the man to San Francisco General Hospital with life-threatening head injuries, police said.

The driver, who hit the man as he was walking on 20th Avenue, remained at the scene.

The man remains at the hospital this morning in critical condition.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which police said is a reminder for all pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists and others on the road to be safe.

Sasha Lekach, Bay City News

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  • sfparkripoff

    Makes a great Headline but it doesnothing to address the pedestrians and cyclists who are putting themselves and others at risk by ignoring the traffic laws. Of those pedestrians who were killed last year, a third of them were identified as being the
    cause. (sourced from police commander Mikail Ali )

    The city brought thousands of pedestrians into downtown, then allowed them to jaywalk at will, often with their heads buried in their latest mobile devices. If City Hall were serious about making the streets safe the first step should be to treat everyone committing offenses equally. Enforce the existing traffic laws equally for pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars.

    City Hall says that they want to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on our City streets but City Hall is providing free Internet and WIFI access on Market Street so that people will be more distracted by their cellphones? How does providing free WIFI on Market work with San Francisco’s Vision Zero policy to eliminate pedestrian and bicycle related traffic deaths? Do we really need to have more people watching videos and checking their email when they should be looking both ways as they cross streets and exit public transit vehicles?

    The city will never reach its Vision Zero goals if they only target motor vehicles. It’s all about fairness. No more entitlement for pedestrians and cyclists to break the law while insisting on a police state against taxpaying motorists.

  • thebzzz

    It’s the bicyclelist that are the most notorious violators. They are constantly out of their lanes and make you make mistakes

    • aksldufh

      Actually its perfectly lawful for a bicyclist to leave the bike lane, whether to avoid opening doors of parked cars, to avoid debris or potholes, or even if the bicyclist in question just feels safer.

      • Sooneridver

        Then the inverse must be as true for automobiles!

    • aksldufh

      It’s your job to pay attention to bicyclists.

      Reason 1) You’re killing the environment, bikers are not.

      Reason 2) Cyclists are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. You’re polluting the air they breathe.

      Reason 3) There’s pretty much a 100% chance that you’ll walk away with less injuries in ANY collision with a cyclist.

      Reason 4) Streets were designed for cars, and bicycle infrastructure was an afterthought. Bikes move differently from cars, and yet we are forced to abide by laws meant for cars.

      Reason 4) Drivers kill bikers. Bikers do not kills drivers.

      • Sooneridver

        Reasons 1 and 2 are the same, Reason 4 is a partial truth! Bikes are not forced to abide by all laws meant for cars; you don’t have to carry insurance to peddle on the streets, you are not required to carry a valid operators permit or to have a registration/license.

        Quit crying and obey the laws… bikes were in use in San Francisco way back in the 50’s, granted not to the degree as today, but just the same they were around and you didn’t hear of car/bike accidents like today.

      • rob1699

        Bicyclists kill and injure pedestrians all of the time including a friend of mine who was run over by a cyclist blowing a stop sign at top speed. No doubt with your ridiculous rant you are one of the worst offenders…. the kind who cuts people off, flips the bird, kicks and scratches cars if they dare get mad at you for YOUR violation. No doubt you cause significant pollution on CM Fridays, where you also keep people who actually work for a living from getting home and seeing their children. If cry baby cyclists would actually obey traffic laws they’d get respect, but none do, in fact they don’t believe the laws apply – certainly stop signs don’t apply. And then they offer the same holier than thou attitude that your nonsense rant offers. Show no respect….. get no respect.