I love New York and I think New Yorkers are some of the nicest people I’ve met. But I do NOT believe the hooey that New Yorkers have better style than we do here in SF. Especially considering my trip just three weeks ago.

The most common outfit I saw, on women between 17 and 35, throughout all of the parts of NY I visited, was damn awful.

It consisted of super tight pants/leggings (which I enjoy calling plaguings instead of jeggings because they are awful like the plague, and not always jeans) usually in some horrible print, with either a cropped top with sleeves or a long stretched out tank top. For shoes, this visual hell was paired with either flats or ankle boots.

Here is a typical example (no, I’m not exaggerating).


Nighttime was not better. There were FAR TO MANY (one, etc…) bell-bottom skin-tight black pantsuits/catsuits


and the only dresses I saw couldn’t really be called dresses, as they resembled more of a crotch flap. Of course all these women were constantly tugging at their hems. Generally, NO ONE is comfortable with their labia blowing in the wind.


Now, I’m not saying that I see a whole lot better in SF. But generally our printed pants are less loud and less tight. And I only see flapping vaginal lips from Marina girls or out-of-towners.

So the next time someone tells you that your fashion sense isn’t as good as that of New Yorkers, gaze at the modest print of your pants, or your lack of a bell-bottom cat suit. Or just revel in the warmth of your covered genitals, and know that it’s a bunch of crap.

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