Federal Shutdown Means No Ocean Beach Sandcastle Contest

A popular youth sandcastle contest on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is the latest local victim of the federal government shutdown, event organizers said today.

The Leap 30th Anniversary Sandcastle Contest was planned for Saturday, but the continued standoff in Congress over the federal budget is causing organizers to postpone the event until a later date.

Thousands of people were expected to attend the free event, with more than 20 local schools participating. Leap, a local arts advocacy nonprofit, has held the contest for the past three decades.

In a letter sent to participating schools and teams, event organizers said officials with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area notified them on Monday that the contest could no longer take place since Ocean Beach is part of the GGNRA and is closed.

Because a budget was not passed by Oct. 1, all federal services deemed “non-essential” have been shut down until an agreement is reached.

“We were told that we could be fined for trespassing and that our permit was no longer valid,” the letter said. “We were also told that our event could be shut down by park rangers or by San Francisco police.”

The letter continued, “This is very upsetting news for all of us who have worked so hard to put the event together.”

Supervisor Eric Mar, who represents the Richmond District, said at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting that the postponement is leading to “probably hundreds of very sad and unhappy kids.”

Mar said, “Making sandcastles was one of the most fun things I ever did as a kid.”

Dan McMenamin, Bay City News

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  • LoserInTheMiddle

    I am puzzled how the Obama Administration can believe this will rebound to their credit.

    Or does the White House continue to delude itself into believing the blame for this silliness can be laid at the feet of the Republicans ?

    • SGT Ted

      I think they are counting on their suck-ups in the media to give a good enough propaganda campaign to pull it off, but social media and the internet is destroying the blame-the -GOP message it. I am actually shocked at how inept they are being. Obama is usually slicker. Its like he is losing it and the wheels are finally coming off.

      • Mike Trivisonno

        Obama will be just fine. The American citizens, through onerous and unconstitutional taxes, will bear the burned of his retirement for the rest of his life. Full health insurance, secret service, unending paydays, and perks too numerous to mention.

        The criminals in The District exist not to serve the Constitution or defend our Bill of Rights. No. They criminals in The District are carving out a place for themselves as the new American Nobility.

  • PapayaSF

    It should be obvious by now, to everyone who is not a total Democrat partisan, that the administration is going out of its way to “make the shutdown hurt.” They are actually spending money that they don’t have to, to make their point. Come on, barricades at monuments that are normally open 24/7? Putting up traffic cones to prevent people from pulling off the road to view Mt. Rushmore? It’s like something from the Onion.

  • SGT Ted

    Meanwhile, the golf course on Federal land where Obama plays so often is open.
    Obama is a petty mean little man-child.

  • Mike Trivisonno

    All of these phony “shut downs” are only calling to the attention of the American citizens just how much of their land has been stolen by the criminals in The District.

    Why does The District need so much land? The sovereign States of the Republic should begin to take this land back. Make it available to American citizens for homesteading, business, land auctions, agriculture, grazing, etc. This is our land, not theirs.

  • Bill Sluis

    Obama is juvenile! Finally the american people have awoken to the gross failures of his presidency and the disaster unfolding called Obamacare.
    As he sees his schemes unravel through gross incompetence we are witnessing a temper tantrum as Obama seeks to punish the nation for electing him in the first place!!
    “Wah!! Wah!! I’m President Obama and no one will listen to me!!!”