Cyclist Killed By Muni Bus Identified At 78-Year-Old SF Man

A 78-year-old bicyclist who was killed Friday in a crash with a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus has been identified as Cheng Jin Lai, according to the medical examiner’s office.

Lai, a San Francisco resident, was hit by an outbound 27-Bryant bus that was turning onto Bryant Street near 11th Street around 8:40 a.m. Friday, Muni spokesman Paul Rose said.

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He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Around three dozen passengers aboard the bus were not injured.

The operator was placed on non-driving status and tested for drugs and alcohol, as is normal procedure in accidents, Rose said.

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  • SteveofSF

    So many questions. Was it a right turn? Was there a bike lane? Did the driver look? Why didn’t he see? Had there just been a stop? Were there distractions? Had passengers embarked or disembarked?

    • LC110

      Bus was on 11th street, turning right into Bryant street. The impact happened under the freeway, in the middle of the intersection. News pictures show the bus stopped a bit closer to the Bryant side of the intersection. 11th street has bike lanes. Both the intersection and Bryant street don’t have bike lanes. The bus stop is on Bryant.

      That intersection isn’t a sharp right turn, it’s just a slight curve. Nothing blocks a driver’s view. This accident should not have happened. Seems like the bus driver didn’t have his eyes forward. He hit and crushed the cyclist with both front and back wheels, before he stopped. So he probably was driving too fast. Pictures show the bike a few feet behind the bus (see link for KTVU video).

      SFMTA washed the accident spot right away that same day. I guess to erase any trace of blood. In the past, SFMTA said that only a small percentage of drivers are responsible for the bulk of Muni bus accidents. I wonder why they don’t fire those bad drivers, and in this case, if this “10 year veteran” bus driver was responsible for previous accidents.

  • danboyd3

    Get off the Roads and go Mountain Biking , for Christ Sake, People…

    • How about we get the cars off the roads so cyclists can ride safely? Not many people get killed by bike riders in SF (just 2 this century) compared to the number of cyclists and pedestrians getting killed.

      • Forthright

        If you don’t have anything adult to contribute to the conversation, Opus, just leave the keyboard be…

        • You mean pointing out the elephant rampaging in the room is not considered as “adult” while ignoring it is?

          • Harry Mann

            I’ve heard that kind of hyperbole before. It doesn’t bode well.

      • smushmoth

        Actually there haven’t been many CAR vs bike fatalities in SF. Every one that I can think of in the past couple years have been a large commercial vehicle.

  • Ellen

    Was he wearing a helmet? This is a very important piece of information that is typically left out of such articles!

    • LC110

      The bus driver didn’t stop until both the front and back wheels of the bus had already crushed the cyclist. So it doesn’t matter whether the victim had a helmet or not.

  • Can we get a protest going, please? Friday morning. 8 am. let’s meet at the scene. SF officials need to know that ripping off transit workers that leads to deaths is not acceptable.