Families Of Five Men Who Have Disappeared In SF To Hold Vigil In Golden Gate Park

Five families whose young adult sons have gone missing in San Francisco over the past few years are holding a joint vigil in the city’s Golden Gate Park this weekend to call attention to the cases.

The families of Sean Sidi, 19 (pictured above), Crishtian Hughes, 20, Shawn Dickerson, 24, Cameron Remmer, 31, and Jackson Miller, 23, are all gathering at the park’s Music Concourse for the vigil at 2 p.m. Saturday.

Lynn Ching, the mother of Sidi, said the vigil is meant to raise awareness about the five cases and highlight the struggles the families face in getting assistance from law enforcement.

Ching said cases involving missing men often get less attention—from both police and the public—than cases involving missing women.

“Most of them, people don’t know they’re missing,” she said.

Ching said another problem many families face is that if the missing person lived outside San Francisco, their case will be sent to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over that residence, even if it’s thousands of miles away.

“It leaves the families in a bind,” she said.

Ching’s son Sidi went missing this past May, while Hughes went missing in February, Dickerson went missing in December 2011, Remmer went missing in October 2011 and Miller went missing in May 2010.

San Francisco police were not immediately available to comment on the status of the five cases.

Dan McMenamin, Bay City News

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  • sfsoma

    SFPD on the case. Poor families will never see results. SFPD is the laughingstock of law enforcement.

    • Goldy

      That comment isn’t helpful or encouraging at all.

  • thebzzz

    SFPD is more concerned with the pensions and vacation time than solving crimes

    • Bryn M. Barton

      Generally after one is an adult they say they are understaffed and under budget so they cannot give attention, well what is a Missing “persons” division for?

  • Bryn M. Barton

    Absolutely, when my daughter was missing into nearly six months, I got NO help from LE. I pray for these families every day because I know what it is like to have to reach out to strangers for help when I’m in my worst state, and hope they care. There is hope, some cared and my daughter was rescued. I pray that this community cared as much as mine to rally around the family and bring these boys home.

    • Sooneridver

      Really… all these men are adults; a man who is 31 years of age is not a boy! The families and the press are not giving a full accounting of the situation.

      • Bryn M. Barton

        Really well I know of boys and men missing and trafficked and my daughter was an adult when she was missing and was found taken by gang members so no LE’s call the she was voluntary missing was erroneous and dated mentality. The press is at least acknowledging that they are missing and adequately stating they can contact third parties to say they are okay if they don’t want to go home. So? Really? Just because someone’s an adult and missing they should not get any attention to their case? Sad thought process,

      • Goldy

        I’m sure your opinion would change if you had an adult go missing in your family.

  • Goldy

    If I had one super power, forget flying.. forget reading minds… I would want to find every single missing person and bring them home. No one deserves this.. victims and the victim’s families.. my heart goes out to you and I can’t even comprehend or imagine how hard it is to go to sleep every night with this burden on your back. This is the worst torture any human can go through and I hope they are find safe and sound.