“An abashed panel of transportation officials overseeing the $6.4 billion span acknowledged that the situation could get worse. For starters, the Labor Day opening of the gleaming white structure may be delayed. It will take until the end of May to decide whether the essential repair work can be done by the scheduled opening.”
Bay Bridge screwup fix to cost $10 million [Chron]

“When the driver finally received a response on the radio, she was advised to switch the train to manual control, and pull it forward to the Van Ness platform. We reached the Van Ness platform approximately 5-10 minutes after the passenger collapsed. However, we were not greeted by EMS or police. In fact, we weren’t met by any official personnel at all. About a minute after pulling into the station, a Muni custodian came over and asked if anyone had come to us yet. The driver even was appalled by the slow response time, and began trying to reach 911 on her cell phone.”
How Does Muni Handle Medical Emergencies in Tunnels? [Muni Diaries]

“$150,000 will be spent on an adjustment to the Clipper card readers at all Caltrain stations. The Clipper card readers emit the same tone when you tag-on and tag-off, but due to complaints of people being confused, including those with limited visibility, the modification will be a different sound tone being emitted when you tag-off.”
Clipper Card Improvements to Caltrain and Installation on Marin Transit [Akit]

“Too many people are dying or suffering serious injury just trying to navigate the streets of San Francisco on foot. In this tiny walkers’ paradise, eight pedestrians have been run down fatally in just the first four months of the year.”
S.F. streets can be dangerous [Chron]

“What I discovered: Legally they aren’t who they say they are. Donations aren’t entirely voluntary; customers who don’t pay can be blacklisted. Drivers use it as a way to make a living. They pay taxes, deduct expenses, and follow Lyft guidelines on how to make more cash. It is essentially impossible to use the app to coordinate carpooling. They don’t fulfill the legal loopholes they claim to. Lyft even admits as much themselves.”
Life Behind The Wheel In The New Rideshare Economy [BuzzFeed]

“And this is the thing about biking to work, despite the dent in my wallet and the flat tires and the fact that all the stopping and tire changing definitely made this my PW (personal worst) in terms of time, it was the greatest commute I’ve had so far.”
My epic Bike to Work Day ride [Biz Times]

“While the agency has had operating surpluses in the past several years, its capital shortfall is daunting — $6 billion over the next decade.”
BART balances budget, but challenges remain [Ex]

“There would no longer be a blackout period for cyclists, but bikes would still be banned from the first three train cars during the morning and evening commutes. The current restriction for crowded train cars would remain.”
BART may soon ditch bike ban [Ex][KCBS]

“Yes, one of the really great things about Bike to Work Day is it teaches recreational cyclists and novice riders everything they need to know about using their bike as everyday transportation. Still, do you really want everyone commuting to work by bike?”
Bike to Work Day Is Really Annoying for Those Who Always Bike to Work [Weekly]

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