Killing Them Softly Everywhere
Super-stylized dark comedy about some idiots who fuck with the mob. You would think people would finally learn about fucking with the mob, but they never do. Brad Pitt plays an enforcer hired by the mob to track down the jackasses and help them come to Jesus. He’s Brad Pitt doing his best Serious Acting, which, after three decades in the spotlight, is getting pretty decent. I think he’s just barely out of his “young, dumb, and full of cum” phase but I don’t blame that on his acting or choice of roles, I blame it on a face that perpetually says, “duhhhh. kiss me. duuuuh.” Right? I can’t help it, I have a space in my heart for that little guy — I love that he’s always trying to become an architect or talk about politics like he knows something. It’s just adorable.

Anyway, if you loved Oceans 11 and Get Shorty and you wish’d they’d had a super violent baby, then this is your jam.

Another Hole in the Head Film Festival – Roxie
A fest that celebrates horror, fantasy, porn-iness, and terrifying craziness in all of its forms, especially satire and parody. There’s lots of sick flicks to choose from so go get cultured and be grossed out at the same time. So satisfying.

The CollectionEverywhere
Boring serial killer film. I know, oxymoron, right? If you can’t make a serial killer scary, you are seriously fucked as a filmmaker. Turn over your director’s chair and apply for a job at Starbucks because it is over. Anyhow, if you insist on seeing it, get ready to be bored out of your gourd as you watch a damsel in distress run around a horror mansion built by some psycho for shits/giggles.

StarletOpera Plaza
A young woman and an old woman meet and form a charming odd couple friendship. I like any film that looks at the complexity of lady relationships, and I love that its set in L.A.’s “bleached, glamour-challenged” San Fernando Valley. So obsessed with that area, it’s the weirdest. The whole film has a very Grey Gardens feel to it, but less crazy and even sweeter. If you think you’d be bored by two women talking about having vaginas, skip it, but if you are a lover of valley girls (young and old), solid acting, and something we don’t often get to see on screen, get up on this.

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