I spent last Saturday night, Nov 3rd, at the 5th Annual O’Neill Generation Next fashion show and design competition at The Galleria at the San Francisco Design Center. The design competition, which marked the end of a six-month design program, had five Northern California students between 14 and 16 years old present their original dress designs on the runway.

Watching young people start their lives always makes me weep and I spent a good portion of the night in tears. But even through those tears I could tell that the youth of today needs a little guidance, especially regarding high heels and skirt length.

High Heels, Why and How To:
Why: People wear heels to make their legs look longer and to give themselves an elegant walk. They can also convey a sense of self assuredness and power, in an “I’ve got the world so under control that I can navigate it on tiny four inch heels.”

But these effects only work when you walk in heels correctly. If you are unable to walk comfortably in heels, you send a message that says “I’m trying desperately to be something someone wants, even at the expense of my self worth.” Not a message I would recommend.

How to:
If you want to walk well in heels, all you need to do is practice. Stand tall and walk as though you’re stepping along a balance beam, each foot straight in front of the other, on your toes, legs in parallel.

How NOT to:
Don’t walk with your legs open or turned out. You’ll just look like you’r having a problem.

If you can’t walk in heels don’t wear them, you don’t need them. Numerous women have looked gorgeous in flats, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Coppola for example.

Shoes are meant to enhance YOUR beauty. If they work against it, toss ’em. You’ll save yourself A LOT of money, especially in foot surgeries later in life.

Skirt Length:
If you ever find yourself tugging down your skirt hem, then your skirt is too short.

Warning Sign that your Skirt is Too Short

It’s too short because you aren’t comfortable with it. If you wear a skirt so short that your fanny hangs out but you never try to pull it down to cover it, than the length is fine for you.

I personally recommend going no shorter than four inches below the lowest point of your buttocks. I might be olde tyme but I don’t want to see genitals when I’m out and about. They are ugly. They are something you show to someone only after you know they love you because you can rely on them to look past the horror and still see the good of the person you are.

Above all, beauty is about confidence. Anything that you’re not comfortable wearing detracts from your beauty so get rid of it.

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