I’ll freely admit, it’s kind of hard to keep up with the finales this year. Dates have been moved around at the last minute, and shows I thought had ended, haven’t, and shows I thought hadn’t, have. Case in point: “Cougar Town”‘s finale is actually next week with no episode at all this week because of the “Dancing With the Stars” finale, which I thought had already happened. Whoops!

So, yes, there are still finales to be had this week…And next.

Monday May 21st

8 P.M.:

“House”: The series comes to an end tonight, which is probably sad news for its fans, but good news for me because it means I won’t have to accidentally turn the channel to the show and hear Hugh Laurie’s god-awful American accent ever again…except for all the reruns in syndication. DAMMIT! Fox

Tuesday May 22nd

8 P.M.:

“Dancing With the Stars”: A winner takes home that disco ball tonight, and boy oh boy, I sure hope it’s…Wait a minute. I can safely say I have absolutely no idea who William Levy, Katherine Jenkins, and Donald Driver are. Though I’m sure they’re just terrific! ABC

9 P.M.:

“Glee”: Unfortunately, last week’s tear-filled two-parter wasn’t the season finale. Which means we will be treated to even more moments of crying in tonight’s graduation-themed finale. Fox

Bonus Viewing: Debra Winger is tonight’s guest programmer on Turner Classic Movies. She’ll introduce and discuss some of her favorite films, which include The Night of the Iguana at 5 P.M.; Wings of Desire at 7:15 P.M.; Rififi at 9:45 P.M.; and Gilda at midnight.

Wednesday May 23rd

8 P.M.

“The Middle”: Norm McDonald guests stars, and yes, there will be a wedding. ABC

“American Idol”: The winner is announced, and last year’s Idol, Scotty McCreery will make an appearance, taking a break from his non-stop touring, record signings, TV show appearances, money counting, and general taking over of the world that his winning resulted in. Also: Rhianna. Fox

9 P.M.

“Modern Family”: For some brilliant reason, there’s a re-run of an old “Modern Family” at 8:30 P.M., so don’t get confused thinking tonight’s finale is a two-parter. There’s no wedding planned for the episode, but there is a prom. And a baby. Close enough. ABC

9:30 P.M.:

“Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23”: While this show has had its moments (most involving James Van Der Beek) I have to admit I’ve been a little underwhelmed, especially when it’s compared to some of the other ABC comedies (namely, “Happy Endings” and “Cougar Town”). But it’s still better than, say “Work It!” or “Man Up,” so, there’s that…ABC

10 P.M.

“Revenge”: So, should I spend the summer catching up on this? Or did it not live up to its full potential? ABC

“Law & Order: SVU”: The only “Law & Order” still on the air, and the only one I could never get into. But, I’ll have another year to try, as it has, indeed, been renewed for another season. NBC

Thursday May 24th

10 P.M.

“Awake”: Sorry “Awake” fans. This topsy turvy version of a criminal procedural didn’t get renewed for another season, so you’re just going to have to be happy with the resolutions that are presented to you tonight, no matter how frustrating they may be…NBC

Bonus Viewing: Enough with the singing. It’s time for some dancing! “So You Think You Can Dance” is back for a new season, and a bit of a new format. Instead of two shows a week, we’ll only be getting one, with results and performances taking place the same night. I have no idea how that will actually work, but it will no doubt be a much tighter show. It premieres at 8 P.M. on Fox.

Next Week: Even more finales! But not many. Praises be.

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