birth-control-pills.jpgNational Breastfeeding Week Is Finally Here, You Guys

Do you know anyone that would actually want to celebrate National Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7)? I mean, I’ve never given birth, so maybe I’m just out of my element here – but before I read the press release for the Concord Breastfeeding Celebration I had a hard time guessing what the festivities would entail. Group breastfeeding sessions? Blind milk tastings? Pin the baby on the boob?

Ok, I’ll stop. According to the release, The Concord event will be “a day of support, a day of learning, and a day to share experiences.” Read: consulting, information sessions, and a “limited” number of gift bags and famers’ market coupons. Those unable to attend can get lactation consulting by calling the Contra Costa Breastfeeding Advice Line at 1-866-878-7767. I wonder how many prank calls they get? (CCSH)

Woman Sets Appalachian Trial Fastest-Hike Record

Jennifer Pharr Davis set the record – it took her 46 days plus change – AND she saw “36 bears, moose, porcupines and just about every sunrise and sunset during her journey.” She was able to travel fast and sightsee thanks to her husband, who “followed her along nearby roads, meeting her at crossings with food, water or a tent so she could hike with just a few water bottles, energy bars and her cell phone.” My first thought: what a guy. My second: is that allowed, record-setting wise? I’d be pissed if I was the former record-holder. (SF Examiner)

“Groundbreaking” Bill Introduced in Congress. No, The Good Kind of “Groundbreaking.”

Good news! A bill RHRC calls “groundbreaking” was introduced in Congress, “with a first-ever policy approach that combines teen dating violence prevention and teen pregnancy prevention in communities of color.” And it’s led by our very own Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)! (RHRC)

Ruling May Weaken Escort Roles at Abortion Clinics

A 2008 Oakland ordinance mandated an 8-foot “bubble” around women entering reproductive health clinics, in hopes of shielding them from antiabortion protestors. But on Thursday, in a suit by an antiabortion pastor who was arrested outside an Oakland clinic (the same pastor who was behind the “Black & Beautiful” pro-life Oakland billboards), a federal appeals court decided that if a city requires a protestor to obtain a patient’s permission to talk to her, they must also apply that requirement to escorts.

Confused? I was too. Basically, the court decided that if anti-abortion speakers aren’t allowed to approach women without consent, escorts can’t either–meaning that they aren’t allowed to advise women to ignore the protestors, and can’t offer to accompany them inside without first asking for permission. This just seems…really arbitrarily “fair” to me. Like a compromise an elementary teacher would come up with during recess to placate two unruly children. But the judge thought the original policy “unconstitutionally suppresses speech based on the content of its message.” (SF Chronicle)

Six Fun Facts About Dr. Sara Gottfried, “Organic” OB-GYN

I am obsessed with this woman.

1. She has an MD from Harvard, did her residency at UCSF, and used to work for Kaiser, but now the “medicine wise woman” (The “SF Women’s Health Examiner”‘s words) helps “women who’ve lost their groove feel attractive, ripe and delicious again with natural hormone balancing.” (her words)

2. She is “more likely to prescribe leafy greens, a cleanse or special meditation than a synthetic pill,” and her wellness coaching is “pesticide-free, additive-free and contains no fake sugar.”

3. The “SF Women’s Health Examiner” says she “spends no more than 15 minutes a visit per patient” but she says she is able to spend 50 minutes with each patient because she doesn’t take insurance. So that’s weird.

4. Her great grandmother was a “Whole Foodist and serious yogini.”

5. She has a website called DearThyroid, “based on a simple idea of writing a letter to your thyroid.”

6. She wears tube tops (judging from the photo). Which is pretty awesome.

Apparently “Blow-Dry Bars” Are A Thing Now

Apparently “Blow-dry-only salons” are a thing in the Bay Area right now, which are kind of like the drive-thru car washes of the beauty world; for around $35, you can get shampooed and blow-dried in 45 minutes. Not gonna lie – this appeals to me. But I don’t understand why they are called bars? At first I thought they served you drinks also, which is a REALLY good idea. I can imagine the happy hour specials now… (San Jose Mercury News)

They’ve Got Your Birth Control (Among Other Things!) Covered

I’m sure you’ve already read about the new health care guidelines that require insurance plans to cover services such as birth control, STI counseling, and domestic violence support as preventive care (read: no co-pays or deductibles!). But I co-wrote this article, so you should read THIS one! It’s really hard for me not to be 100% supportive when it comes to repro-rights, but when I interviewed Caroline Hummer, co-owner of Brunch Box, a new food truck, I thought about the ruling from a different point of view. Which is always good, I think. (SF Chronicle)

Why I’m Pro SlutWalk

Sorry to keep talking about myself, but I wrote an Op-Ed about this Saturday’s SF SlutWalk, too! Check it out. (SF Chronicle)

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