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SF Kidnapping/Rape Case Finally Closed

A man has been convicted of kidnapping and rape charges in an Outer Mission cold hit case from 2001, according to this very website.

Alleged Murderer Says Bondage Photos Were ‘Consensual’

A man charged with murdering four Northern California women said Friday that his photo collection of women in acts of bondage were taken with their consent. He is pleading “not guilty” in Marin County Superior Court, says the SF Chronicle.

Redwood City Planned Parenthood Challenged

A group of residents, business owners, and general anti-abortionists filed an appeal that they hope will prevent Planned Parenthood from opening in Redwood City, according to the Mercury News. “It is inconceivable to our clients why Redwood City would invite a use … which under the most generous of terms is a necessary evil, but which in reality is considered by a growing majority as an anathema,” wrote a lawyer representing the group. PP says surgical abortions will not be offered at the clinic.


RIP, Dr. Tiller

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of abortion doctor George Tiller’s murder. IAmDrTiller drew up a great list of resources commemorating his life and work.

Pawlenty: “Don’t worry guys, I definitely think women who get abortions should be punished.”

2012 Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty recently worried some supporters when he said he didn’t believe there should be a criminal penalty for abortion. So he clarified: “I think there should be some kind of penalty or consequence, but we don’t have a specific proposal as to what that would be,” Pawlenty told the Daily Times Herald. How understanding of him!

Birth-Control Pills To Be Reviewed

The FDA is conducting a safety review of certain types of birth-control pills, including Yaz and Yasmin, to see if they increase the risk of blood clots more so than other pills.


No More Federal Funds For “Common Medical Training” in Health Centers

The House passed a measure banning health centers from using federal funds for “common medical training.” Why would they do that, you ask? Well, the medical training often includes abortion procedure instruction, so obviously that means the country is funding baby killing, etc. The American Independent says this is part of a national rise in future anti-abortion-rights OB-GYNs. RH Reality Check says the new restrictions could kill women.

A Good Week For Alabama Fetuses, Not Necessarily For Their Parents

Two bills to further restrict abortions in Alabama passed a House committee Tuesday, moving within one step of final passage in the Alabama Legislature. One says life begins when an egg is fertilized and implanted in the womb. The other allows the state to opt out of federal health care legislation that would provide funding for abortions. If passed, the first bill in particular could be especially meaningful in terms of future legislation. For example, as a member of the state’s Civil Liberties Union pointed out, it would mean that every reference to the word “person” in Alabama law would refer to a fetus.

Groups Fight ‘Outrageous’ South Dakotan Bill

ACLU and PPFA filed a lawsuit challenging a recent South Dakota bill that would require women to jump through multiple hoops before terminating a pregnancy. According to RHRC, the state’s women would have to wait an unprecedented 72 hours between the first counseling session with a doctor and an abortion, learn about any possible risk factors published in any medical or psychological journal since 1972, “including supposed ‘risks’ that have been roundly rejected by mainstream medicine,” and visit a crisis pregnancy center before getting an abortion. They would also have to perform five perfect backflips in a row while juggling bowling pins in front of a selection of Olympic judges. Ok that’s a stupid joke. But not as stupid as the bill!

New Rules For Nebraskan Teens

If you’re a Nebraskan teenager who wants an abortion, parental consent isn’t enough–you now need notarized consent as well.

Abortion Pill Bill (Catchy!)

Conservative Texas Sen. Dan Patrick reintroduced a bill that would restrict the use of abortion-inducing medications in some vague and confusing-sounding ways.

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