In one of their most fanatical and offensive moves yet, conservative “pro-family” group Save California is urging parents to keep their kids at home for Harvey Milk Day in protest of the holiday’s supposed indoctrination.

The state holiday to honor San Francisco’s slain Supe is held on May 22, Milk’s birthday, which this year falls on a Sunday. Save California is targeting schools that “will perform pro-Milk ‘exercises’ (the week before or after May 22, Milk’s birthday),” tossing around buzzwords and phrases to the tune of one of the world’s most repetitive piano lines, and denoting the evils of Milk and his homosexual (and bisexual, and transexual, and apparently cross-dressing?) agenda. Those in agreement with the video can go to Save California’s website for more blatant intolerance.

Want to spread the word with your own form of indoctrination against Harvey Milk Day? Download the pdf of their anti-Milk flyer, file subtly named “harvey_milk_gay_day_2011”.

Want an easy four step system to supposedly scare the shit out of you and regress you to the point of thinking all LGBT folks are pedophiles? They’ve got that, too, with “Learn” and “Documentation” sections that lead you to even more pdfs, many without proper bibliographies and sources, their material shaky scare tactics at best.

Much like Save Marriage and their successful attempt at passing Prop 8 in the 2008 election, Save California has a few allies from other states such as Arkansas and their Family Council, who for some reason has decided to throw their hats in the archaic ring, as Right Wing Watch Reports.

Arkansas Family Council furthers the hysteria against the LGBT community by going so far as to say that the activities forced upon students for Harvey Milk Day are sexually inappropriate or will make them gay, despite their examples of activities not being relevant to Milk’s political career. Most SFians old enough to remember Milk as Supervisor probably don’t remember him relentlessly forcing “mock homosexual ‘weddings’ and cross-dressing contests” upon those he represented.

Also not-so-relevant is Arkansas Family Council’s claim that by not honoring Christian leaders, public schools are promoting a double standard. Like science, apparently the LGBT community is the polar opposite of religion because no gay people go to church, right?

Watch out this Sunday, as San Francisco celebrates Harvey Milk Day with rallies, parties, and more.

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